This is a little section that will give you a glimpse of the Book....
I dropped my heart at that point and ran out the door crying. I was alone now, no body will help me now. I ran screaming and crying, I could feel my heart pumping in my brain. My heart throbbing with the pain of losing him. A hard pain hit my stomach launching me backward into the rubbish. A pool a deep red surrounding my lifeless body.. losing conscience.
I heard screaming as I opened my eyes and stood up. Though my body still laid on the cold floor. Not moving, just the nearby people screaming and panicking and trying to save me but I was gone and alone forever... what would he think of me now??


3. Alone

Ruby's P.V.O

I screamed and screamed but no one heard me. I slumped onto the ground, tears welled up in my eyes. Even my own Jason couldn't see me, but maybe I could leave him a message to tell him I am hear. I stood up, wiped the tears away and ran towards my old flat. I went through the door and up the stairs and into my old apartment, Jason wasn't there but he would get the message and I would stay here and wait for him. I grabbed a pen that lay on the floor which I left from the other day, I found the nearest wall and scribbled the letters in the Deep Blue Brio ink. The Letters said "Jason, it's ruby. Don't be scared, I am scared. I am left here and you can't see me. Reply to my message by speech, I will be here waiting for you" 

I sat for an hour waiting, he must be creating my grave on the hill with the special headstone with my name inscribed on it. I slumped in the corner of the room, crying. He might not come back, he better come back. I realised that I haven't cried so much since I was a child, I cry even though I am the one that is dead. I heard the pelting of the front door against the wall, Jason!! He walked glumly into the living room, his face down, tears streaming down. I threw the pen across the room to the wall I  had wrote on, Jason face ran white and cold as he read the writing that I had inscribed on the wall. 

" RUBY!! RUBY!! Where are you please??" Jason stood up as he choked his words. I grabbed the paper I left out  and grabbed the pen I through, I wrote. "Jason, Please help me. I am stuck here." He lent over the paper reading as I wrote. "I love you so. I am here and I can't talk to you but I can touch you and see you" Jason face changed into a starstruck face. 

I wonder what he is thinking. He won't reply. 

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