Hottest guy in school?

Taylor has just moved from England to Toronto to live with her dad and his girlfriend. She soon realizes that this move was a huge mistake for her. Her new high school? Everyone loves her! She's miss popularity in a matter of days. When she sees one of the cutest boys in the school with the lowest of the low social status, will she make a move? Will it ruin her reputation? Will she go for the popular boy she's been dying to be an item with? Will a bad past ruin a future relationship? Find out!
P.S; One Direction is not famous. x


3. Was I drunk?


 "Bye Taylor! See ya in 2 weeks!" My dad yelled while closing the door and locking it. Friday night and by myself. Well, This is just great. My phone buzzed. It was Harry. 


  "Hey, you still busy for tonight? xo ;) -Harry"


  "You're kidding me right? It's 12AM -Taylor"


  "Ugh, tomorrow's Saturday. Can me and the boys come over tomorrow? xo ;) -Harry"


  "I need to sleep. If I say yes will you leave me alone? -Taylor"


  "Yes. What's your address? Oh, & wear something nice for me and the boys. xo ;) -Harry"


 The thought of the 4 hottest guys I've ever seen in my house at the same time makes me excited. Oh God, Imagine. I'm starting to think this isn't a bad idea. I just don't understand why they would pick me over Rachel. Rachel seems like the 'head cheerleader' material. She wears revealing shirts and shorts... and she actually looks good while doing so. I don't understand anything right now. I think she likes Harry though. This is a bad idea isn't it... Oh God, I can't believe I'm doing this...


  "2490 Krust Road. xo ;) -Taylor"


  "See you at 8 babe. xo -Harry"




 The hottest guys ever are going to be at my house in less than a minute. I took one last look at myself in the mirror. Ripped jean shorts, a see-through v-neck with a black bra. This will get them talking. The doorbell rang. Here goes nothing. I looked out the window and saw a black Range Rover parked in the driveway. Harry obviously isn't struggling with money... What are we even going to do tonight? This should be fun. I opened the door and let the 4 boys in. 3 of the boys had styled their hair up. They looked incredible. Harry's hair? Curly like usual. I think Louis still looked the best. I hadn't really talked to him but tonight, I will. "Hey guys!" I said while walking inside. I turned around to see them looking at me with their jaws on the ground. I had them right where I wanted them. "Is something wrong?" I said while walking closer to them all. Zayn walked towards me. "Look at what you're wearing... Oh Please, I can take that off you in a second" he said while grabbing me. I laughed. I had fun torturing these boys. What was it about me? I guess we'll never know. I sat on the couch motioning for the boys to come and sit beside me. Louis and Liam sat beside me. Harry and Zayn sat on the ground in front of me. This was getting kind of weird... "So, What should we do?" I said while looking at Louis since he was the only one who could actually stop himself, somewhat,  from looking at my chest. "Uh, Whatever" He said while looking straight ahead of him. Oh my gosh, like talking to zombies. "Are your parents home?" Harry said while standing up. "No, gone for 2 weeks..." I said while standing up as well walking over to Harry. "Can we have a party here?" Harry said while grabbing his cellphone. "Erm, I don't know enough people to have a party Harry." I said while looking at my feet. "Taylor, No need to worry." Harry said while typing on his cell phone. The other boys did the same. "The whole school will be here in a bit" He said while turning to me. "Does you're dad have beer? Alcohol? Something?" I think he does. I mean Lynn definitely does. I looked in the fridge. We had plenty. Wow, i actually never knew they liked to drink.. Hm. Harry plugged in his phone into big speakers in the living room. Why did my dad even buy those. I laughed to myself. Zayn opened the door and more than 40 people walked in. Where the fuck did all of you come from? I've never seen these people before in my life. After 5 minutes, I couldn't even breathe anymore. I tried to move past the crowd in my living room. I pushed my way through couples making out and feeling up each other. I finally got to my kitchen and saw no escape. I tried to find Louis. He was a taller muscular boy which I found irresistible. Harry had the whole fucking school on his contact list. As I pushed my way through the crowd I could hear people whisper my name and 'slut' in the same sentence. I've been at this school for a day and I already have a reputation. Oh gosh. I search for someone I knew and had no luck. I kept pushing. I found him! I found Louis. He was on the stairs drinking beer. He spotted me and stood up. I smiled. He made me want to just jump on him. I honestly wanted him so badly. What am I doing? I sound like a fucking slut. I was never like this before. I tried to avoid people who wanted sex with me but now I'm all over them? Wow. Louis was wearing a red faded shirt with ripped jeans. I couldn't take this anymore. I took his hand and pulled him to the dance floor. No talking needed. I pulled him till I found a spot where i was comfortable in. I took the can of beer in his hand and chugged it. It felt good. Louis grabbed my hips forcefully and guided us to the music. I could feel his boner through his pants. I knew I was doing something right. Me and Louis were similar in height but he was still taller than me. I pulled his neck closer to my face and I started to kiss him. I gained dominance instantly. I craved the dominant role. My tongue entered his mouth and his mine. This felt right. Louis started to grab my ass. Oh gosh. He picked me up causing my legs to wrap around his hips. I could feel his dick through his pants and I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled away from our 'make-out session' and whispered in his ear "My room is the 1st on the left." He immediately understood what I wanted. "But first, I want another drink or two" I said while hanging on to him. He wanted me pretty badly so he carried me to get 3 cans and carried me upstairs. By the time we got up to my room, I had drank 2 cans. The burning sensation at the back of my throat from the beer was excruciating. Louis threw me on the bed and closed the door. He threw his wallet on the night table and his phone. He stood there looking at me. He wanted me as badly as I wanted him. Was I drunk? Oh God, I hope this is right.  


 I got up off my bed and stood right in front of him. I started to take off my shorts. Bending down to get him a full view of my ass. I threw my shorts across the room leaving me in my panties and my see-through v-neck and my black bra. Louis loved this. My panties were from Pink so of course they had something cheesy on the ass. 'Wanna touch?'. He couldn't take it anymore. He turned me around and slammed his lips onto mine. He gained dominance. He took over. He pushed me on the bed causing me to find it difficult to move. He had trapped me. Wait, let me re-think the situation. Hottest guy. Me. Sex. Yes please. He took off his shirt allowing me to sit up on my elbows. Holy shit. He had the best body I have ever seen. His muscles were perfect. His v-line was prominent. I couldn't take it. Every step he would make towards me, his muscles tensed. I liked it. He tore my shirt off in one movement. I can't even do that. He took my bra and panties off and examined. I thought Louis was perfect. He grabbed my hips and slammed them into his causing me to scream. His length was insane. He slid his pants off and his boxers. He put a condom on and started to slam into me. I was on the verge of crying. He wouldn't let me adjust. After a while, I started to feel a wave of pleasure run over me. Louis tried to keep me quiet by planting little kissed on my lips. I would moan as he did so. Who knows how long it went on for but one thing was for sure and I was fucking tired. Louis could tell. I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow. He immediately adapted to the situation. He  pulled out of me and ripped the condom off. He put his boxers back on and his shirt. At first I thought he was going to leave but apparently not. He walked into my closet and grabbed light blue Pink panties and a baggy shirt. He put both items of clothing on me. What the fuck? He wanted to stay after sex. Louis then layed down beside me with arms wrapped around me. I felt safe. I fell in love with the heartthrob Louis Tomlinson... 

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