Hottest guy in school?

Taylor has just moved from England to Toronto to live with her dad and his girlfriend. She soon realizes that this move was a huge mistake for her. Her new high school? Everyone loves her! She's miss popularity in a matter of days. When she sees one of the cutest boys in the school with the lowest of the low social status, will she make a move? Will it ruin her reputation? Will she go for the popular boy she's been dying to be an item with? Will a bad past ruin a future relationship? Find out!
P.S; One Direction is not famous. x


9. Stay out of mine.


 'Niall, please just come! I want to have a night with you and my 'somewhat' friends." I said. "Look Taylor, I don't feel comfortable going. I just don't feel very good today..." What a liar. Niall always loved to go out and take me places and just have fun. What was so different now? I mean it's true, at school he would avoid people and he didn't talk at all. He was socially awkward. I liked it though. It was cute. "Niall, are you hiding something from me?" I said trying to look into his beautiful blue eyes. "No, I just don't want to go..." Niall was terrible at lying. "Please Niall! It's just 1 night! After we can come back here and do whatever, I just.. Need friends okay! All I do is hangout with you and Kevin and even when I'm at school, I'm always with you! I'm surprised people still know who I am!". Once I said it.. I regretted it. Shit, I messed up. Niall's face softened. He became sad, quickly. "Fine, let's just go." He stood up from the couch and stomped towards the door. He swung it open and walked out. Fuck, he was pissed. "Kevin, I'll be back later. No friends okay." I yelled while walking towards the door. "Have fun!".



 Once we had parked the car 3 streets down, Niall didn't talk to me. He just got out and waited on the sidewalk. He didn't open the door for me, kiss my cheek before he got out of the car, nothing. I mean, I don't expect him to, it's just really what he does. He's a gentleman. Once I got out, I stood by the car. "Niall look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything back there. I think you're perfect the way you are but it just seems like you're hiding something from me and I don't like it. I'm sorry, could we put it behind us?" I loved Niall, no doubt about it, I just hated how he doesn't trust me. "Taylor, just forget about it, I'm doing this for you." He stuck his hand out wanting me to take it. I made my way over to Niall but instead of taking his hand, I grabbed his neck and pulled it towards mine. "Niall, I love you." I whispered into his ear. "I love you too." Niall said back. 'C'mon, let's go and have a few drinks" said while letting go of Niall and grabbing his hand. As we were walking down the sidewalk to Zayn's house, we received so many glares and laughs, I was starting to get pissed off with these people. Once we got to Zayn's house, we could hardly get through the door because there were so many people. The music was so loud that I couldn't hear a word that Niall was saying. We walked inside and saw the 4 boys who I so call my friends all in a circle drinking beer. Niall nudged my arm to give me the hint that he didn't want to go over there, so I gave in and went in the opposite direction of the boys. Zayn's house was huge. Bigger than my own which was surprising. My dad worked really hard all his life but I never really knew what Zayn's dad did. Me and Niall ended up where the drinks were. He was Irish so he drank heavily. He was a true Irish man. Niall had so much to drink, I swear I thought he was going to pass out but of course, he kept going. "Niall, I think that's enough... You've drunken more than I have in my life, you need to stop. He looked at me with hungry eyes. "Babe, dance with me." He said while grabbing my hand and pulling me to the dance floor also known as Zayn's humungous living room. I walked in with Niall and he took me by the waist guiding me to the beat of the music. "You're a dream Taylor..." He said while leaning into kiss me. I smelt the strong smell of beer as he lent in closer but I didn't care. At the last second he crashed his lips onto mine and that was it. Niall was pulling me closer to him. His lips still attached to mine. He was a good kisser for having his first kiss about 2 weeks ago... Suddenly I felt Niall being yanked away from me. "What the fuck?" Niall was being pulled by a strong man with friends. "Niall!" I yelled. "Dude, fuck off" Niall yelled to the man on him. "No prick, you need to fuck off." The man said. I instantly recognized the voice. It was Louis. Louis threw Niall to the ground. "Look you son of a bitch, I don't think you got the message 4 years ago did you?" He said while cracking his knuckles. "Do you remember what I said? Do you? Because I keep my word." Louis was frightening me. I've never really seen this side of him before. I had to do something... but why was Louis mad? Niall has never even talked to Louis. He's so socially awkward, he wouldn't dare. But then again, why would he be dating me is he were so socially awkward. Who knows. All I knew was Louis was about to kick Niall's guts in and I'm just standing here. "Louis stop! Leave him alone!" I yelled as I ran in front of Louis' fist. He wouldn't have punched me, I knew that for sure. "Taylor, this is none of your business... I can't let this fucker touch you...". Louis tried pushing me out of his way but I clung onto his neck. "Taylor look, get off. This isn't your fight. I told this kid that if he messes with anyone I know and love again, it would be the end for him." Louis sounded pretty serious. I had to think fast... "Niall's already touched me. More times than you ever have and will. He's better in bed than you are Louis." I yelled. Niall's face turned red. So did Louis'. "You did what?" He said directing his anger towards Niall and not me. He tried his best not to show anger towards me. "Harry, a little help here?" He said while directing his eyes towards me. Harry walked over from behind Louis and grabbed me by the hips and dragged me away from the crowd that had been forming. "SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE! PLEASE! HELP NIALL!"" I yelled. The music was to loud for anyone to hear. Harry held me with his strong arms, I was supposed to feel safe but I actually felt violated and disgusted. Why had I never seen this side of Louis. It made me sick. I needed to help Niall. He doesn't deserve to be abandoned. I quickly kicked harry in the crotch and ran. "Niall!" I screamed. Louis was really going to hurt Niall. Niall was strong... but not as strong as Louis. When Louis and Niall came into sight, I saw Niall's condition. He was bleeding in everywhere possible. Louis wasn't finished. "Louis, please stop!" I yelled even louder. He spun around and walked over to me. He slammed me against the wall and pinned himself against me. "Look, I'm helping you here. This son of a bitch is no good and he's keeping you from me. He needs to leave you alone and stay out of your business" Louis said coming closer and closer to my face. "No Louis, maybe you should stay out of mine." I pushed Louis as hard as I could. He fell into the crowd of people. I ran to Niall. He was unconscious. Louis did so much damage I have never ever seen before. I had to get Niall to the hospital. I tried to lift Niall over my shoulder but it didn't work. He was to heavy for me. I looked around looking for some that I knew and trust to help me. Zayn. First person I saw was Zayn. "Zayn! Please. I need your help." I said as I motioned him to come over. He pretended not to hear me. I started to cry. I wanted Niall to be okay. I felt that this was all my fault. Zayn glanced over. He saw me crying. He rolled his eyes and made his way over. "Look, this time only. Louis really hates this guy and well, he could ruin me...." Zayn said with hesitance in his voice. "Zayn, so could I..." I said. "Fine, lets take my car. I'll bring blankets for the blood." Zayn ran off. I was left with Niall. The crowd was fading. I saw girls giving me glances and guys whistling and what not. All I cared about was Niall and his health. That was it. Zayn soon came back and picked Niall up and walked out his front door. His car was running outside. He placed Niall in the backseat and motioned for me to come and sit in the front seat. I ran in the car and Zayn drove off. Zayn drove fast too. What was with it and boys driving fast? We got to the hospital in no time. Zayn parked the car and ran in with Niall. Just as I was about to get out, I was receiving a call. It was my mom. I answered. "Mom?" I said with uncertainty. "Yes, hello darling, how have you been? I've heard about your dad and all. Glad you're okay and on your feet now. Anyways, there's something I have to tell you but don't panic, it's going to be fine..." My mom reassured me. "Mom, I'm not ready to deal with whatever you're about to tell me..." I said becoming a bit worried. "Don't worry, I'm calm, you'll be too. I have to go so here it is... Your brother.. He has cancer. Babe, we caught it early so he just needs some treatments and what not and we're hoping he'll be fine. I have to go, we'll call you in a few weeks. I love you Taylor, good bye." My mom hung up. I stuffed my cellphone into my pocket and got out of the car. As I walked to the hospital, I was overlooking my life at the point it was at now. All I could think of was fake. No actual friends and well, I'm pretty sure Niall's been keeping something from me... does this make our relationship fake? I'm not sure. Let's go in and find out. As I walk into the hospital, I see people of all ages. I see a mother, about to be in labor, I see a grandfather hooked up to an air tank but what hits me the most was the 10 year old looking boy who looked like he had cancer. He reminded me of my brother. I thought about everything as I was walking down the halls and well, I didn't belong here. I reached the room Niall was in and I saw Zayn talking on the phone, not being very considerate of Niall. I didn't expect Zayn to care anyways, that's not why he's here. "Hey, doctor said he should be waking up any minute, there was nothing serious, just a few broken bones." Zayn said while holding his hand to the speaker on his phone so the person on the other end couldn't hear him. Zayn got up and walked out. I had some alone time with Niall. I sat on the chair next to Niall's bed and held his hand. All of this reminded me of when I was last here and well, Kevin was in the bed instead of Niall. Memories of my dad flooded back.  I started to sob. Without my dad here, what's my purpose? I have no real family here. Kevin isn't even related to me. All I have is Niall and I don't even know if he'll forgive me. I have been sitting here for about 30 minutes and I'm starting to think that Zayn has left. I was on the verge of sleeping when I glanced one more time at Niall and his eyes were open. Staring at me was those beautiful blue eyes. I suddenly felt a wave of relief come over me. "You look beautiful when you think..." He said while flashing me a smile. "Thanks, I guess" I said while trying to let out a laugh. "Come sit...". Niall was so calm and so reassuring, it really comforted me. "Babe, I love you." He kissed my forehead and fell asleep instantly. He was the one.

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