Hottest guy in school?

Taylor has just moved from England to Toronto to live with her dad and his girlfriend. She soon realizes that this move was a huge mistake for her. Her new high school? Everyone loves her! She's miss popularity in a matter of days. When she sees one of the cutest boys in the school with the lowest of the low social status, will she make a move? Will it ruin her reputation? Will she go for the popular boy she's been dying to be an item with? Will a bad past ruin a future relationship? Find out!
P.S; One Direction is not famous. x


10. Louis, you need to stop.



 "Thanks, but no thanks..." I said while closing my front door. His hand came and kept me from closing the door. He pried it open and let himself in. "Please, I'll say sorry and everything. Can we be friends? I can't not be friends with a pretty girl...". Louis was being totally sincere. "Louis, look, you nearly killed Niall and I'm not ready to forgive you so please, uh, get out?". Louis' face softened. He looked me in the eyes and lent in to kiss me. I quickly moved my face to the side causing him to kiss my cheek. He was hurt. He turned around and walked out of my house. I slammed the door and ran to the kitchen. "Niall?" I said while looking around. He wasn't there. Niall was released from the hospital a week after the party. I missed all of my exams and well, If my mom finds out, she'll drag me back to England so fast. Hopefully the school got my marks from something else. "Niall? Are you here?" I yelled while walking through every room. He must be with Kevin. I ran upstairs to Kevin's room and opened the door. Kevin and Niall weren't there. "Did they go out without me? Wow, how thoughtful...". I closed the door and went downstairs. I plopped myself on the couch and put on TLC. I absolutely loved that channel. I always watched those wedding shows. A woman looking for a dress who went by the name of Georgia. She strangely looked a lot like Harry.  She was stunning but a bit old. She looked around 45 or 50. I watched her story and what not. She had a son in Toronto who was living with her ex-husband and she was marrying someone she met on the internet. He lived in California. He was wealthy. They showed his house, cars, and his business. I took my phone from my pocket and scrolled through my contacts. I found Harry's number and dialed it. On the 4th ring he answered. "Hello?" He sounded stressed. "Hey Harry! Sorry for calling but, may I ask... is your mom getting married in California later this summer?" I sounded like a complete idiot for asking, he probably thought I stalked him or something. "erm, yeah... how'd you know about that...?". "Oh, I saw her on TV and she looks exactly like you... Sorry, I was just curious, uh, I have to go, erm, bye..." I tried to make things as unawkward as I could. "Wait, how's Niall doing?..." I was caught off guard. "Oh, he's doing great. Thank you for asking... I have to go, erm, bye!" I pressed end call and stuffed my phone back into my pocket. A few minutes later, Niall and Kevin came through the door. "Thanks for ditching me guys..." I said keeping my position on the couch. I had my feet up and my arms nuzzled under a blanket. "Sorry, my dad was released today and I went to go see him. I asked Niall to come too." Oh right! I remember Kevin mentioning something about it... "Oh, how was it?" I said as I motioned for the two of them to sit beside me. "Eh, he didn't talk much but he was good" Kevin said sitting down. "Oh, Niall, can you drive me to a friends house? I was supposed to be there 30 minutes ago. Oh, I'm sleeping over there too...". "Okay, let's go. Do you know how to get there? Oh, and Taylor come for the drive, we can go somewhere after we drop him off". I threw the blanket to the floor and stood up. The air wasn't necessarily cold but there was a breeze coming for a window. "Okay, let's go." I said while walking towards Niall. I grabbed his hand and made my way to the door. "My car? I have my keys in this sweater." He reached into my sweater pocket and pulled out my keys. "My car it is..." I said as I followed Niall to the car. He hopped into the drivers seat and started the engine. The car roared. Kevin sat in the backseat and I sat in the passenger seat. Niall pulled out of the drive way and we were off. "Kevin, where does your friend live?". "Turn right and it's number 390". Niall made a sharp turn and stopped at the 3rd house in. "Thanks man, see ya' tomorrow." Kevin yelled while slamming the door. Niall zoomed off without seeing if Kevin even got to the door. "Where do you want to go?..." Niall said while stealing glances from the road to look at me. "I don't know... Wherever." Niall had something in mind. About 30 minutes later we pulled into a parking lot. "Okay, let's go." He said while hopping out of the car. I got out as well and looked around. We were standing beside lake Ontario. "Let's take a walk..." He said while grabbing my hand. We made our way over to the path and started walking. "Look, there's been a lot of things I've been keeping from you lately and I think now's the time to clear it all up..." Niall's hands started to sweat. "Niall, look, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, I'm not going to f-" He cut me off with a kiss. It lasted about 10 seconds then he pulled away. "Taylor... I want to". He wrapped his one hand around my hip and we started to walk again. "So it all started the year I moved here. It was elementary school and me and Louis went to the same school, along with his 3 close friends. The whole school loved him. I wasn't Mr.Popularity but I guess people knew who I was... Louis had a girlfriend at the time and keep in mind that were were what, 13 or 14? It was grade 8.. So like I was saying, Louis had a girlfriend... Jessica. She had long brown hair and she was pretty but I mean, I was 13.. I only liked video games at the time but she was pretty. During recess one day she pushed me into the girls bathroom and asked me to have sex with her. I refused. I mean, I would have had no idea what I was doing... She got mad, started to pull my pants down and I pushed her away, blah blah, then she started to cry. I'm not sure why but she just started balling in front of me and I didn't know why. I didn't touch her. Her mascara smudged and her eyeliner was all over the place and she stopped crying and started smiling at me... She ran out of the bathroom crying again. I left the bathroom and pretended like nothing happened. Bad idea. The next day Louis hurt me, like really badly. Jessica told him that I raped her in the bathroom but I never laid a finger on her! He started to bully me after that and when we got to high school, I tried my hardest to stay invisible to him. It worked until you came. You really opened my eyes and showed me that I need to stand my ground and not let people take over my life..." Niall has stayed calm this whole time. I was really impressed. "Niall, why did you never tell me? It could've been some useful information to know!" I said. "Niall, I have to take you somewhere! Come with me!" I yanked his hand and I dragged him to the car. "Give me the keys." I said while putting my hand out. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the car keys. He placed them in my hand and ran to the passenger side. I hopped in the drivers seat and pulled out of the parking lot. I sped down the roads and in approximately 20 minutes I pulled up to a house. "Niall, come with me." I said while getting out of the car and walking up the steps to the house. Niall quickly got out of the car and ran after me. I rang the doorbell just as he came to stand beside me. A few seconds later the door opened. "Oh, hey there..." the masculine, deep voice said. "Hi Louis, we would like to take up your offer in you apologizing..." I brought my hand to Niall's and squeezed. "Okay, look Niall, I'm sorry. Whatever differences we had are behind me and I'm sorry. You seem like a nice guy... It's just that Jessica told me that you stole her virginity and I'm really protective and look, I'm sorry. Can we all be friends?" Louis looked at Niall, then to me, then back at him. "Yeah man, I guess we're cool... Can I just say that... I never laid a hand on her, I swear." Niall seemed happy. "Thanks man, oh, do you guys wanna come in for some pizza?" Louis said while motioning for us to come in. I looked at Niall for approval but he was already inside. Louis and Niall really had fun tonight.



 "I hope y'all had a great time and well, I was wondering since it's summer and all, do you guys want to drive down with the boys and I? Harry's mom's getting married in California and well, we were thinking of taking the whole gang. Do you want to come?" Louis said while walking us to the door. "Yeah man, we'd love to!" Niall said before I could have any say whatsoever. I guess me and Niall were going on a road trip with the 'boys'. "When are we leaving?" I asked so I had some idea about what this whole trip is about. "Tomorrow at 8:00am" Louis said while smirking. "Better go start packing, yeah? Harry will be at your house with the car tomorrow. Be outside and waiting. Oh and Niall, nice to get to know you tonight, yeah?" Louis said while sticking his hand out. "You're a nice guy." Louis said while shaking Niall's hand.

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