Hottest guy in school?

Taylor has just moved from England to Toronto to live with her dad and his girlfriend. She soon realizes that this move was a huge mistake for her. Her new high school? Everyone loves her! She's miss popularity in a matter of days. When she sees one of the cutest boys in the school with the lowest of the low social status, will she make a move? Will it ruin her reputation? Will she go for the popular boy she's been dying to be an item with? Will a bad past ruin a future relationship? Find out!
P.S; One Direction is not famous. x


2. Harry Styles?


 I parked in a parking spot closer to the back so no one would see this really expensive car. I don't like to show off that much... It makes me uncomfortable. I took my backpack and grabbed a sheet that my dad told me to use. It told me my locker number first so I started to walk into the school. I got a lot of stares from many different people but not bad stares necessarily. I smiled and walked to find the number I was looking for. I found locker 203 and put all the shit I didn't need inside. "2 minutes to get to class" I whispered to myself. I looked at my class table and at the map. Shit, where was Mrs. Banks' class? I decided to ask someone. I tapped a long blonde haired girl on the shoulder and she turned around instantly. "May I help yo-... Oh, Hello! I'm Rachel! I don't believe we've met..." The big blue eyed girl said while holding her hand out. I could just tell she was at the top of the social pyramid. "I'm Taylor and I just moved here. I was just wondering if you could direct me to Mrs. Banks' class." I said while shaking her hand. "Oh! I have English with her too! We can walk together!" she said while grabbing my wrist and practically dragging me down the hall. She was a strong for a girl. "Here!" she said happily while opening the door. "Everyone, meet my friend Taylor." She said while flashing a smile to me. Oh my God, did she really just do that? "My friend Taylor." she said while handing over the spotlight to the actual teacher. "Come" she mouthed while motioning for me to follow her. I did as I was told. 

 "What was that for?!" I whispered to her. She ignored. I noticed to see 3 boys in front of me and Rachel. "Hey Rach!" the one in front of me said. "Hey baby, how've you been?" she replied with a flirtatious smile. "NO TALKING WHILE I'M TALKING PLEASE" the teacher said while staring at Rachel and the dark haired boy. The bell finally rang. I absolutely hated English. Next, Math. The dark haired boy came up to me after class. After I got a closer look. He had curly brown hair and beautiful green eyes. He was handsome. "Hey babe!" he said while winking. I was on to him. "Ignoring me?" I started to open the door. "No, let me..." he said while grabbing the door. I wasn't stupid. He just wanted to check me out. I started to walk on. I felt a huge arm around my waist. "Babe" he whispered in my ear seductively. This boy then pushed me into the lockers. What did he want? "Playing hard to get? We'll see... By the way, I'm Harry... Harry Styles. The best you'll ever get around here" he said while inching closer and closer. Okay, a bit to close for my liking but he was gorgeous. I slipped out of his arms and I ran. Oh God, He was so hot. "Why did I run? I'm such an idiot" I said to myself. Math. 2 classrooms over. Oh God, This school was huge. 1 more period till lunch. Finally. 



I grabbed my food and looked for an empty table. Yes! I sat down and quietly ate my lunch. A few minutes later 'people' joined me. I recognized Rachel and Harry and I remember seeing the 2 other guys in Language. They all sat down. Harry beside me and put his hand on my inner thigh. I let him to try and make it "unawkward" between us and the rest of the table. "Hey babe" Harry said while kissing my cheek. What the fuck is he doing? I've known him for half a day... Oh God. "Hey! I'm Zayn and this is Liam!" The two boys from English. Oh God, They were good looking too. "Hi! I'm Taylor!" I said while smiling. "Yeah, we know. English, remember?" Zayn said while winking. Oh my God, Please get in my bed. "Oh, and you?" I said while motioning to the boy sitting on the end. "I'm Louis Tomlinson" He said while taking my hand and shaking it. I personally think that Louis was the hottest. I wasn't going to lie... What the hell am I talking about, They're all sexy. I'd be lucky to be with any of them. These were the popular kids... All the kids around the cafeteria looked at us with Jealousy. Harry started to move his hand farther up my thighs. Oh God. I couldn't take it. I turned and kissed Harry as hard as I could. The kiss was heated and our tongues danced. He gained dominance. I could tell the whole table was staring at us. Wait, forget the whole table, the whole cafeteria was. I liked it. I ran my fingers through his curly hair. Oh God, this was fun. I pulled away and winked and grabbed my garbage and threw it out. I turned and waved at the new friends I had made. They all looked at me with a 'wow, what the...' kind of look. I walked off. Harry running after me. "Oh God, you're good at making fall for you aren't you?" He said while pushing me against the wall. "Ready for round two?" he said while making his was to my neck in kisses. Picked the wrong day to wear a v-neck. Oh God, we're in public, What the fuck are we doing. My first day and I've made out with a guy and made it seem like we're an item. What is with me today? "Uh, are you insane?" I said while pushing the beautiful boy off of me. "Ugh God, I want you pretty bad right now" he said while grabbing my ass and pushing me even harder against the wall causing him to come closer.. What is going on. I am so fucking confused. He wants to have sex right here, right now? In the fucking hallway? Is he nuts? Oh my God, I was getting uncomfortable. He could see me becoming uncomfortable. He then put me down and grabbed his phone. "What's your number?" He demanded. I took his phone and typed in my cell phone number. Of course it was a UK number but whatever. "Want to come over tonight and we can finish this properly " He said while trying to pull the waist of my pants lower. He is clearly insane. I don't want sex to be totally honest. "Oh sorry, I have plans..." I said while pulling up the waist on the pants up and walking away. Oh God, I love frustrating this 'Harry Styles' or should I say... 'Horny Styles'. I had all eyes on me. This was good. 




 "Hey Taylor, Can I talk to you?" My dad said while sitting at the table with Lynn. This is going to be interesting... "What's up?" I said while taking a seat. "Well, Lynn's son Kevin won the student of the year award for the province so we've decided we're going to take him on a well deserved vacation to celebrate..." He said while looking a Lynn and smiling. Oh yes! Time for me to get a tan! But wait, something doesn't seem right here. "Okay... and?" I was on to him. He usually would tell me straight up I was going. "Here's the thing. I love you Taylor, I always will but you still have school and I can't allow you to fall behind. I'm going to have to leave you here by yourself for 2 weeks. Don't take it personally. We'll be back before you know it!" and there goes my heart out the fucking window. "I see. When do you guys leave?" I said trying not to look hurt. "Tonight at midnight. We're going to Spain!" Lynn yelled while jumping on my fathers lap. What the fuck was she doing? I honestly don't even want to be seen with her, forget related. "Cool. Have fun!" I said while getting up and running upstairs. My dad obviously didn't care. Whatever. I'll have friends over to get my mind off it while they're gone. Wait, what friends?... The ones I made today obviously want sex and Rachel doesn't seem like someone I'd hangout with. Well, Maybe these 'friendships' may work somehow... 

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