Hottest guy in school?

Taylor has just moved from England to Toronto to live with her dad and his girlfriend. She soon realizes that this move was a huge mistake for her. Her new high school? Everyone loves her! She's miss popularity in a matter of days. When she sees one of the cutest boys in the school with the lowest of the low social status, will she make a move? Will it ruin her reputation? Will she go for the popular boy she's been dying to be an item with? Will a bad past ruin a future relationship? Find out!
P.S; One Direction is not famous. x


6. Chapter 6



                                                        Louis' P.O.V

  Was I with Taylor or not? I mean, I've talked to her this past week but nothing about what happened last weekend. I really miss her. I mean, we aren't even together, so why am I complaining. I want her though. I'm currently standing here admiring one of the cheerleaders, Mariana Waters. Her curves were the definition perfection but weren't as appealing as Taylor's. Harry said I had to take my mind off of Taylor because I haven't really been focusing on better things like football but I mean, I don't really care about football because I wasn't very good at it anyways. I liked soccer a lot better. So here I am. Sitting in my house, a beautiful girl sitting on my lap, naked, wanting to pleasure me and I want her off? I don't want Mariana, I want Taylor.


 "I can't do this..." I replied while standing up and pushing Mariana to the floor. She started laughing. She laughed at every thing I said. It was the most annoying thing ever.


 "What do you mean Lou bear?" She said with a huge smile on her face. What was her problem?


  "I like someone else, now get out of my house." The smile on her face faded. She quickly got dressed and walked towards me.


 "That slut Taylor? I saw her with that loser from that stupid Book Club shit. That blonde haired faggot... Just remember that I'm always a call away and I can pleasure you way more than she ever could" She winked while tracing the muscles in my stomach.


 "Just get out." I said while pushing her away from me. She ran out and slammed the door. Should I go to see Taylor? Hm, no. I don't think she wants to see me. Wait, what was Mariana saying about that guy? He sounded familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it... "I'll just see her on Monday and straighten things out with her" I said to myself while calling Harry.





                                                     Taylor's P.O.V

 Me and Niall spent the whole weekend together. He stayed over and we had so much fun. He didn't even try anything. Kind of surprising but I was impressed. I was kind of surprised when he didn't kiss me on Friday. He probably didn't like me like that... I was kind of disappointed but I mean, I can't make him like me. I should just give it time. He taught me how to skateboard and he gave me one of his long boards. I had gotten pretty good at it for 2 days of practice. I had to beg him to ride with me to school.  He finally said yes but he didn't want to. It was really hard skateboarding in heels but I managed. I couldn't have worn converse because they don't go well with any of my outfits. Niall laughed at me in heels. Once we got to school I got off the skateboard and held in under my arm. Niall waved good bye and ran to his fist class. I started to walk towards mine. I had art and of course Zayn was in my class. As I was walking I noticed Louis talking to Liam. Louis saw me and waved. I smiled and started to walk faster. I didn't want to talk to him now. I opened the door to see a few people. Finally early. I sat down beside a friendly looking girl. I needed more girl friends. She kind of reminded me of Zayn. I sat down in the empty seat next to her. "Hi! I'm Taylor. Taylor Carter" She smiled and looked at me. "I'm Maryam but you can call me Mary if you like!" She replied while sticking her hand out to me for me to shake it. She had the same skin tone that Zayn did. The same big brown eyes, long eyelashes and dark brown hair. She had really curly hair and was on the skinnier side. All I could think of was Zayn when I looked at her. "Nice to meet you Mary, do you by any chance have a brother named Zayn Malik?" I said while taking her hand and shaking it. "The Zayn Malik? The Quarterback on the football team?" She said with a surprised look on her face. "Oh, yeah, him..." I said. "Oh my God, I wish, he has no idea I exist... Why do you ask?". "He looks like you. You're a girl version of him." I said while looking to see if Zayn had come or not yet. "Really?! He's never talked to me but I wish he would... He walks right by me. He's to popular for me anyways." She said while blushing. "Oh, he's actually a friend of mine... I can set you two up if you want?" I replied while looking around for Zayn. "Oh my God, could you? I would love you forever!" She said while smiling. Her eyes were a chocolate brown just like Zayn's, it was honestly amazing. Just as I was about to answer Zayn comes strolling in. He had a while see through-ish shirt on and you could see his sleeves of tattoos all up his arms. "Zayn! Come sit here with us!" I half yelled across the room. He noticed me and Maryam and came to sit down in the seat in front of Maryam. "Hey! How are ya' long time no see eh?" He said while looking at me. "Yeah, oh, this is my new friend Maryam. Maryam, this is Zayn." Zayn noticed Maryam behind him and stuck his hand out. "Nice to meet you. Any friend of Taylor's is a friend of mine" He said while winking. "Maryam, if you don't mind me asking, what nationality are you?" He said while smiling. "Oh, well my dad is from Iran and my mom is British... and you?" She said while smiling from cheek to cheek. "My father is from Pakistan and my mom is British as well." He said while giving a half smile. I personally thought they were perfect for each other. They talked the whole class. They even exchanged numbers. I was wondering where the teacher was the whole time. This whole period, the whole class just sat here. How productive. The bell rang just as she started to walk in. The bottom of her pants were ripped and her hair was a mess. Something must have happened but frankly I didn't care. As I walked out of the classroom, Maryam ran up beside me. "Thanks so much! He's amazing. Aren't you with Louis?" She said while nudging me in the arm. "Oh, erm, I don't know. I haven't talked to him since last week..." I said while nudging her back. "What's your next class" I said while looking at my sheet. "I have Drama, What do you have?" She said while stopping. "I have language and then erm, Gym." I said while stopping too. "Do you have lunch at 12?" I said while looking up at her. "Yeppers" she said while taking out her phone. "What's your number?" She said while pulling up 'New Contact' on her phone. I gave her my number and told her to meet me at the front doors of the cafeteria. She agreed and ran to her next class.



 It was 12:00 already and Niall had promised me that he would sit in the cafeteria with me because the basement was getting kind of disgusting with the warm weather rolling in. I sent him a text telling him to meet me at the front doors of the cafeteria. I was waiting for about 5 minutes and both Maryam and Niall came. We walked in together. Maryam has eaten in here before obviously but I just never noticed her. We sat down and me and Maryam went to buy our lunches. When we got back, I saw Louis looking at Niall. He saw me sit down right beside Niall. I wonder what he was thinking...



                              Louis' P.O.V

 "Harry, who is that guy?" I said while looking at him. I've seen him somewhere before but I have no idea where. "I don't know, and why would you care?" Harry said while looking at the unknown boy and Taylor. I wanted to talk to Taylor so badly. I got up and walked over to her. "Hey Taylor." I said while sitting next to the girl across from Taylor. I had no idea who she was and I didn't really care. "Hi Louis... Oh, these are my friends. Maryam and Niall" I looked at them both. As soon as I heard his name, it all came to me.




                                         No one's P.O.V

 "What did you do that for, you little prick" Louis yelled. "I didn't do shit okay?" Niall replied. "Oh really? Tell that to my girlfriend who just lost her virginity to you." Louis said. A crowd started to come around the 2 boys. "I never touched your girlfriend. I swear." Niall said while trying to back away. His back met the concrete wall. 7 boys came up behind Louis. "Really? Jessica says different. She said you forced her to have sex with you. Don't lie to me you asshole" Louis waited for a reply. His face turning red. Blood was rushing to his face. He was mad. "Look, I didn't touch her. I wasn't anywhere near her" Niall said while trying not to look at Louis. You could tell he didn't want a reaction from Louis so he didn't make eye contact. "YOU FUCKING LIAR" Louis yelled while lifting his fist and hitting Niall right in the face. Niall fell to the floor. "You're a fucking idiot!" Louis yelled as he motioned for the 7 boys behind him to help. Louis kicked Niall right in the stomach. He coughed up blood. Louis kept kicking him. First in the back, ribs, then the crotch. Niall had tears in his eyes. He tried to hold them in. There was blood all over the floor. Louis then kicked Niall in the face twice giving Niall a black eye and a huge cut in his cheek.  Louis laughed. "C'mon guys let's get out of here, oh, by the way 'Niall' if you come near my girl or any of my friends or even look at me, I will kill you. See ya loser." Everyone had followed Louis from out of the hallway. Jessica, Louis' girlfriend came over to Niall. She bent down to Niall's ear and whispered "That's what you get for turning me down yesterday night..." She said while laughing. She got up and ran after Louis.

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