Hottest guy in school?

Taylor has just moved from England to Toronto to live with her dad and his girlfriend. She soon realizes that this move was a huge mistake for her. Her new high school? Everyone loves her! She's miss popularity in a matter of days. When she sees one of the cutest boys in the school with the lowest of the low social status, will she make a move? Will it ruin her reputation? Will she go for the popular boy she's been dying to be an item with? Will a bad past ruin a future relationship? Find out!
P.S; One Direction is not famous. x


11. A week with all of you?!



 "Niall, are you sure you want to do this? I mean, you and Louis spent 1 night together and you now think you're all friends. I think it's weird that all of a sudden Louis has been nice to you..." I said to Niall as I brought my suitcase outside. His bag was already sitting on the front step. He came over early in the morning to wake me up and get me ready. "Taylor, I haven't really had the taste of what it's like to have friends in a while so please, can we just go on this trip and have fun? Who knows, maybe we'll have more fun than what was planned." Niall said while carrying my bag out onto the step next to his. I gave in and ran inside to grab my purse and my keys. I walked by Kevins' room to hear a girl talking on the phone. I don't remember Kevin asking to have a friend over? I opened the door to see a slim silhouette with her back facing mine. From what I remembered, me and Niall dropped Kevin off at a friends house yesterday, not vice versa.  I instantly knew who it was. Jessica. I cursed under my breath and quietly but quickly shut the door. What was she doing in my house? She lied about the whole Niall situation and she was giving me dirty looks at school like, uh, can you not? I ran downstairs and out the front door. I slammed it and sat on the step beside Niall. "Everything alright babe?" He said while turning to look at me. "Yeah, everything's fine. Harry should be here any minute..." I said while grabbing my phone from my pocket and checking the time. "Babe, I love you and since we're filled in a car full of guys who could easily be attracted to you, you're my princess, don't even look their ways." Niall brought his lips to mine and lightly kissed me. He pulled inches away from me and looked into my eyes. Harry soon pulled up in a long light blue van and honked causing him to fumble away from me. "Great timing Harry..." I mumbled to myself. Niall looked to see that Harry pulled up. A smile grew on his face. He grabbed all of our bags and ran to where Louis was opening the trunk. I followed him to the van. The back door slide open before I could even open it myself. I see Liam's happy face, as usual, looking at me. "Hey Taylor! You're going to sit next to me right?" His eyes were like a puppy dog's eyes. I was surprised he was single. I looked back to Niall to see him laughing at something Louis said or did. I turned back to Liam and smiled. "Yeah Liam, definitely." I had to sit in the seat on the other side of Liam so I, of course, had to climb over him. I stepped in and felt large hands on my hips helping me so I didn't fall. I collapsed into the seat. "Thanks" I mumbled. The 3 boys in the back and Liam started laughing hysterically. I turned to look at the 3 boys in the back. "Do you find me amusing?" I said while smirking. I knew they found Liam putting his hands on my hips and wanting his hands to be a bit lower for his and his friends amusement funny. I let it slide. Niall and Louis slid to the driver and passenger seat. Louis started the engine. "Okay everyone ready? Oh, why, hello Taylor." He said with a hint of cheekiness in his voice. "Hi Louis!" I replied. He turned back around and pulled out of the driveway. 2 hours past and all the boys made small talk and laughed and what not. I honestly didn't feel comfortable with guys who have at least hit on me once in my lifetime but if Niall's happy, I guess I am too. We suddenly stopped at a small gas station and parked in a spot to pump gas. Louis pulled out the keys from the ignition and turned to look at the back side of the van. "Okay, border's in 10 minutes, we need gas, and I'm not stopping at a gas station in the US so soon so better go to the bathroom here. Oh, we're going to the bathroom in partners. Harry, you're my partner" Louis said while winking at Harry. "Niall's my partner..." I said while looking at Niall. He flashed me a smile. Zayn ended up going with Liam. Louis instructed me and Niall to go first. Niall didn't have to go to the bathroom so he waited outside of the girls bathroom. I didn't have to go to the bathroom so I fixed my make up in the mirror. I fixed my mascara and eyeliner and put my things away. I reached for my necklace on my neck but I felt nothing. I started to panic. I looked on the floor, but nothing. I went to the bathroom door and stuck my head out. "Niall, I need help!" I whispered. "Taylor! What's wrong?!" He said coming closer to my face. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards me. I pulled him inside the bathroom. "Taylor, what's wrong?!" He almost yelled at me. "I lost my necklace!" I was pacing now. Niall took a look at my chest and looked back at my eyes. He started to laugh. He started to walk over to me. He grabbed my hips and pulled me onto him. "Niall, there's no time for this!" I started to claw at his shirt. He brought his mouth down to my chest and brought his head back up with the locket at the end of my necklace in his mouth. He brought his mouth an inch away from mine and dropped the necklace back into where it was hidden in my sweater. He slammed his lips onto mine causing me to wince in pain from his braces pressing against my lips and my tongue. Niall started pushing backwards towards the door causing me to hit my back against the door while still having my lips pressed against Niall's lips. He brought one hand away from my hips and locked the door. He pulled me away from the door and started to move his mouth down to my collar bones while fumbling with with the zipper of my sweater. "Oh God Taylor, I bet you're so tight holy shit." He said while pulling my sweater off. I wrapped my arms around Niall's neck and let him explore my body. He skipped taking off my shirt and went to my stomach. He kissed my hipbones and the top of my jeans. "I want these off babe." He said while trying to pull them off with his teeth. "Niall! Louis' going to me wonder where we are!" I said trying to persuade him to save this for later. "Fine, better make this quick then.." He said while slipping his hand into my pants. I was caught off guard. I flinched at his touch. He noticed me wanting him to stop but he brought his lips to mine to keep me from protesting. He explored. He brought his hands to cup my bum and would kiss me even harder. He always had the effect on me that I could never bring his touch away from my body. He kissed me harder as time went on. He soon after slipped his hand into my underwear. Thank the Lord for telling me to pick my favourites which was my bikini pair from Pink. He started to rub my core with no problems at all. He at first used 2 fingers, then 3. He made me feel so good. "Oh Taylor, you're so tight, oh God, I can't wait till I can have fun with that later". Niall was always Horny and I'm not sure why but I liked it, that's for sure. I opened my eyes and took a glance at the clock. "NIALL! We've been in here for 20 minutes! Oh my God!" I yelled. "How about 20 more?" He moaned while taking his hand out of my panties and grabbing my bum again. "Niall, honestly.." I said with harshness in my voice. I didn't try to be mean, I just didn't want the other boys to be all like, well you know. Niall ripped his hand out of my jeans and grabbed my sweater off the floor and threw it at me. "Right when I was having fun too. We're continuing this later." He said while walking towards the door. He opened the door and motioned for me to go first. I pulled my sweater on and stormed out. The man working the front counter gave me a dirty look, I smiled back. I walked to the van and slid the door open and all the boys were huddled talking. "Sorry, It's my time of the month.." I lied. I didn't want me knowing I let Niall pleasure me in the bathroom. "Taylor, we heard everything" Liam said while winking. My heart started racing. I wasn't even yelling or talking, how could they heard us? "What... Nothing was going on in the bathroom, Niall was just trying to help me find my necklace and uh, yeah." I said with 0 confidence. "Well, were you going to the bathroom or finding your necklace?" Louis said with a devilish smirk on his face. "erm, both." I said. All the boys started laughing. Niall came up behind me and hugged me from behind. The whole car arose into whistling and laughing. "Hey, Niall got laid, atta boy!" Harry yelled. "Guys, let's just go. I need sleep." I pryed Nialls arms off of me and hopped into my seat. He gave me an apologetical look and slid the door closed. Everyone moved into their original positions. "Okay, just have your passports out, the guards aren't going to wait long." Louis said while starting the engine. 4 hours later we arrived at the hotel. Harry checked us in. We got 2 rooms, 3 in 1 room and 3 in another. Once we brought all our bags in our room, I'd realized Niall wasn't in my room. "Wait, who's in my room?!" I said to Harry as we rode the elevator. "You're with me and Zayn." Harry replied making no eye contact with me at all. "Why can't I be with Niall?" Harry wasn't helping the situation at all by not even looking at me when I talk to him. "Niall wanted to be with Louis and Liam, they really hit it off while you were sleeping.." Harry was being a dick right now but it wasn't his fault Niall didn't pick to be with me. I'll let Niall be with his so called 'Friends' for now. "Fine, but you and Zayn both aren't sleeping with me under any circumstances". I grabbed my bag and suitcase from Harry's grasp and just as the elevator doors opened, I stormed out. Niall ditched rooming with me just so he could be with 2 guys who he hardly knows and only got on well with for what, 2 hours? I see how this relationship works. So many thoughts running through my head. I waited by the door because Harry had my room key. Harry came strolling down the hall. "Look Taylor, It's not my fault Niall didn't decide to room with you okay? Please, don't be mad at me..." Harry sent me an apologetic look. He seemed sorry. Harry opened the door and allowed me to walk in first. The room was huge. It had a kitchen, living room, 1 half bathroom, 2 full bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. I looked around astounded. "Harry... How much did this cost you...?" I said with a hint of guilt. I swear, this must've cost a fortune. "Don't worry about it...". Harry had a lot of money and everyone knew it. "Wait, where's Zayn?". Harry brought his suitcase to the bedroom on the left side. "Zayn? Oh, no one ever knows where Zayn is." Harry replied. "Oh okay, well, I'm going to go take a shower and maybe go check out the hotel or the shops down the street... I'll see you later I guess?" I grabbed my suitcase and bag and hauled it into the bathroom. I took a shower, nice and long. I got out and decided to look good tonight to make Niall guilty for ditching me. I was just going to go for a quick workout first. This hotel's gotta have a gym... I put on my yoga shorts that hardly went past my butt and my sports bra. I put my hair up into a messy ponytail and I slipped on my running shoes. I looked in the mirror and my face was naked. No make up what's so ever. I put on light make up because I know when I excersise I don't sweat as much... plus, I'll only be down there for 20 minutes tops. I brought all my stuff back into my room and grabbed my iPhone and ear buds. I walked out the door. I started to walk near the elevator when I forgot to bring my sweater and a room key. "Fuck.." I swore underneath my breath. I pressed the elevator key. The doors opened automatically. Basement; Pool & Gym. I pressed the 'B' button. I came to the basement. It didn't even look like a basement. I followed the signs to the gym and opened the door. I strolled inside to see Harry lifting weights in the middle of the room. He looked up to see me standing in the doorway. "Taylor? I thought you were going out?" Harry said while putting the weight he was lifting back on the rack. Every move he made, his muscles tensed. His shirt was off and thrown on a chair at the door. It was just me and him. He was toned everywhere. "Taylor? Anyone home?" He said while smirking. He saw me admiring his upper body. "Oh, erm, I just was going to run but I can leave and do it another time I guess...". A part of me didn't want to leave. Being in a room alone with a toned male who happens to have an attractive face, I mean, who would want to leave? "No! Don't leave because of me!" Harry said while grabbing my wrist. His touch shot chills up my arm. "erm, okay..." I stammered. Harry let go of my wrist and I made my way to the treadmill. I put my ear buds in and put on Demi Lovato. I started to run. It was relieving me from stress that had built up. I had been running for 5 minutes when I decided to take a quick behind me to see what Harry was doing. I quickly turned my head to see Harry lifting weights while looking at me. I took a double take to see if Harry was actually staring at me. I pulled my ear bus out of my ears. "Harry, have you been staring at me this whole time?" I cheekily said. "Why, yes I have..." Harry has this way of making you fall under his spell. "And Harry, why were you staring at me?" I tried to talk and run at the same time but it was pretty difficult. "Oh, I was just thinking of how much faster I can run than you can.." He winked and I melted. "Oh, really? Then why don't you show me what you've got?" I said back. He rose from the spot he was sitting at and walked to the treadmill beside mine. "What were you going? 4 miles/hour?". At this moment in time, I wasn't sure if we were clearly flirting or is this was sheer competition. "Like you could go any faster..." I replied. "Hey, I can go 6 miles/hour. Do you really want to go there?" Harry reached his hand over to my back side and slapped my bum. "Harry! What was that for?!" I yelled while still running. "It's been tempting. Hey, I'm at 6 miles, and you?" Harry said while winking. We were practically sprinting. I switched my treadmill to off and it slowed down. Harry did the same. "Couldn't take it?" He said in a flirtatious tone. I hit him in the stomach but only to feel muscle. Harry smirked. "Oh my God, I forgot my water..." I mumbled to myself. I looked around to see a water fountain by the wall. I ran over and took a sip of the nice cold water. I was up against the wall. My legs were about to collapse. Harry came strolling over and towered over me. "Taylor, would you like to go to dinner with me tonight?"

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