That Curly Haired Boy

TJ also known as Tia Jade Lily-Rose Barret is an unsecure girl, who lives in a rich family. She has everything, a horse, apple mac, iPhones, 3d TV in her bedroom, a 4 storey house which she lives in with her family. But there’s one thing she doesn’t have, love. Her parents never really loved her and except for Jenna she has no friends. But what happens when a cute curly haired boy knocks her over in the street. What happens when they touch and shivers run down their spines and what happens when this curly haired boy is no ordinary curly haired boy, but Harry Styles from the famous boy band One Direction? (This is my first fan fiction so please give me any tips about how I could improve – Thanks <3)


5. Soo do I get the crisps now?


After we had finished the pancakes we cleared up the table. I was having loads of fun, Niall made me seem amazing not a ugly insecure girl. We sat onto the sofa. He looked over at me "what would you like to watch T?" He had started to call me T and I liked it. It was diffrent, his own little name for me. I decided to call him Nilee because itsfunny "Anything but love actually Nilee" I couldnt face watching it again, it would only remind me of Harry. Niall flicked on the TV. Spongebob appeared on the screen. The theme tune was just starting, in unision we started to sing along. By the end we were both laughing so hard. Niall had made up some really random actions. "I love spongebob, seriously" He looked at me and grinned not only with his mouth but with his eyes "Same" I smiled at him, he was just to cute. I was still slightly embarressed by what had happened earlier. We watched 10 episodes until some rubbish came on. Niall looked over at me "what now?" I shrugged. Then out of the corner of my eye i saw the game Twister. "OH MY GOD NIALL!!! I LOVE THIS GAME" He laughed "SAAMMMEE!!! Not as much as i love food though" I laughed. Pulling out the game he looked out me "Take a picture Niall, It lasts longer" He gave a little irish laugh. He unrolled the mat "err whos gonna do the spinner??" Suddenly I heard the door open and laughing. "Oh, sorry babe i forgot to say, Some of the boys are coming round." My heart skipped a beat, Uh-Oh. "who?" I almost whispered. Niall looked at me "No need to be afraid babe its just Lou, Zayn, Liam and Elenor - Lou's girlfriend, It will be really nice for you guys to get to know eachother" He smiled and I smiled back "What about Harry?" i was nervous about asking this "He phoned earlier and told me that something had happened with a girl and he wasnt feeling great about it" I sighed. Was that me? I looked into Nialls blue eyes, what was I going to do. "Promise you wont say anything Niall" I looked at him pleadingly "Promise." We smiled at eachother and louis burst into the room. "SO MUCH FOR BEING A GOOD HOST NIALL YOUR MEANT TO COME TO THE DOOR AND WELCOME YOU GUESTS" I let out a laugh and so did Niall. A voice from behind louis piped up "Yeah Niall" aww cute it was Elenor backing up her boyfriend. "Whos the lady friend Ni Ni?" Louis and elenor turned there gaze onto me. I blushed, feeling embarressed with the attention on me. "This is T" He shook his head. "Sorry, I mean Tia Jade Lily-Rose Barret" "Woah thats a mouthful" elenor brought me into a hug. I looked at them and then Niall "TJ" i replied firmly. "Nothing more, nothing less" They all laughed and so did I,Louis gave me a hug too. The Boys sat down and started talking about football or something. Elenor and I walked over to the other sofa and both sat. "Soooo is love in the air" Elenor looked at me, I smiled and laughed. "No, No way" She smiled. Elenor was really pretty. Her brown hair was tied up in a loose ponytail and she had black leggins and a camo green vest shirt. I wish i was like her, she was really kind too. "So TJ wait im going to call you Jay its cuter" She winked at me and laughed. "ookkkaayy" "So Jay why are you wearing Nialls Clothes?" I looked at Niall, He was still chatting away with Lou. Suddenly the room went quiet "Yeah TJ why are you wearing Nialls clothes?" he raised his eyebrows like we had been doing something naughty. Everyone laughed. I exchanged a nervous glance with Niall. "Well.." i started but i couldnt carry on. Niall took over. "I was driving home when I saw her walking along the pavement. It was raining really hard and T was wet and cold suddenly a car drove past and drove through a puddle. it splashed all over her and i felt really bad so i stopped and offered her a lift. She was really cold so when we got back to mine she had a shower. Stupidly i put all her clothes except for her Bra and Nickers in the wash so she had no clothes, sooo i lent her some" He had blushed when he metioned my underwear, so had i. A new voice carried across the room. "Cute" We all glanced over to the doorway. Zayn and liam walked in but there was no where to sit. Zayn groaned. "Dont do that zaynee waynee it sounds like your having sex" everybody laughed and it was Zayns turn to go red. "LLOOOUU!!!" He shouted Elenor and I burst out laughing. Elenor jumped up "ill sit on boo bears lap" Louis grinned. We talked and ate crisps for ages, At around 10 they all left. Niall came and sat down next to me "so did you like everyone?" "Yep exspecially Louis and el". My phone started to ring it was my mum "Shit! im dead, its my mum" I picked it up. Niall looked at me and whispered "I have a spare room, you can stay" I smiled at him and mouthed thanks. "Hey mum" "Tia Jade Lilly-Rose Barret, Where are you? We are worried sick about you" "yeah right" I mumbled "Im at a friends, its a bit late, they have offered for me to stay over, can i please mum im not a baby anymore!!" "I think i should meet them or theyre parents at least.." "ok, mum so the friend is Niall Horan from One Direction... er yeaahh" "OMG!! Its One Direction but its a boy.. im not sure" "Mum! you cant say OMG!!" I heard Niall laughing in the background and i stuck my finger up at him but he only laughed more "Please mum ill be really careful i promise" "Im not sure.. Oh Okkaayy stay safe. LOVE YOU" "mm bye" I hung up, "why didnt you say love you back?" I looked away "She doesnt mean it and She knows that.." Niall looked over at me. "Soo do you want some food" I smiled, of course he would say that "Naahhh im fine" He gave me a stern look "Remember what i said T" Dang! why does he have to be so darn cute and true? "Bu..Butt elenors so slim and pretty!!" Niall gave me a weird glance "She may well be but are you Elenor? No. Your much better" He winked at me and my heart melted. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the last pack of cheesy doritos "HHHAHAHA MINEEEE!!" I gave Niall a massive grin and ran of with the bag of crisps in my hand. He started chasing me. I had reached the living room when i tripped over and landed on the floor. Niall Was going so fast he didnt realise i had fallen and he tripped over me. With Niall lying on top of me I had a chance to look into his crystal blue eyes. They were bright and shining. He looked into my eyes and grinned at me. We stared at eachother for ages. "soo" Niall said "Do i get the crisps NOW??" i was about to reply when someone interupted me "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!" we both sat up quickly, clearly embaressed. Shit its Harry..

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