That Curly Haired Boy

TJ also known as Tia Jade Lily-Rose Barret is an unsecure girl, who lives in a rich family. She has everything, a horse, apple mac, iPhones, 3d TV in her bedroom, a 4 storey house which she lives in with her family. But there’s one thing she doesn’t have, love. Her parents never really loved her and except for Jenna she has no friends. But what happens when a cute curly haired boy knocks her over in the street. What happens when they touch and shivers run down their spines and what happens when this curly haired boy is no ordinary curly haired boy, but Harry Styles from the famous boy band One Direction? (This is my first fan fiction so please give me any tips about how I could improve – Thanks <3)


6. Soft and Caring or Strong and Passionate


I jumped out of my car and opened Nialls front door. I had left my phone charger there this morning and my phone only has 13% battery left. Opening the door I wiped my shoes and headed to the kitchen, As I passed the living room I heard Screaming and laughing I walked in. Then i saw it. Niall lying on TJ. Tj was my girl. I found her first. I always get the girl I want. They started to stare into eachothers eyes, they stayed like that for ages. It reminded me of earlier today, in the street. "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!" It slipped out before i could think. They both clambered up looking extremly embaressed. TJ started to look scared I saw it in her eyes, she turned away and clutched her stomache "T are you ok??" Niall looked really concerned. TJ gave a weak smile "Yeah Nilee, do you mind if I go upstairs, my stomache hurts abit" Niall gave her a hug and whispered something in her ear. He kissed her forhead and she grinned that perfect grin and head upstairs. God i was jelous, first they have nicknames and now Niall kissed her forehead. I followed Niall into the kitchen, growling. "whats up mate?" he looked at me like he was genuinly worried. "Come on Haz tell me whats up? is it the girl from earlier? Who was she anyway?" Niall looked so happy when he was with TJ but I found her first. "Thats the problem, the girl is TJ" Niall looked really taken aback. "What-tt-t dd-oo-o y-o-o-u-u m-mme-a-a-nn?" he was stuttering. His eyes seemed to have a worried look but he was also scared.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Harry and TJ?? It’s so unfair, from the moment I set eyes on her I wanted her. I need her. I want to help her and protect her. Then Harry tells me that he found TJ first. Found?? What does he think she is, a lost doll? That’s one of the things im worried about, if Harry gets together with TJ she might be one of those flings. Good until someone new comes along. Shes so deicate what happens If he breaks her. “Harry” His head shot round to me. “mm what is it now Niall?” oh god, he's in a bad mood. “look, Harry. The thing is, T is delicate. She isn’t one night stand material. She may look strong but she isn’t, leave it up to her who she wants to be with, got me?” I Spat the last two words out making harry take a step back. He nodded slowly, his green eyes dark and mysterious. “im going upstairs to see if T is ok, stay here.” He nodded again as I headed upstairs. I heard  him start to murmer so I took a step back and listened in. “I always get the girl I want, ALWAYS” with that he walked over to the fridge and pulled out a beer as I headed back up the stairs. Harry was right, we both knew it. He was toned, cute, fit, had dimples, bright green eyes and a big mop of curly hair. I opened the Bedroom door and found T sitting on the very edge of the bed, staring at nothing. “Hey babe” I said as softly as I could, shutting the door behind me I walked over to her. She patted the space next to her and I sat down there.  Snuggling up close to me she sniffed “Im so sorry Nilee” I put my arm around her and rubbed her back. She was an amazing girl and I hate to see her cry. “If you don’t mind me asking babe, what happened with Harry?” Her mossy eyes gleamed up at me, shiny with tears. “I bumped into him on the way to Starbucks, he seemed so sweet. He gave me his number and later on he texted me after we came over. We watched love actu..” I brushed her hair out of her face, “Was that why you didn’t want to watch Love actually earlier?” she nodded and tried to carry on. “We…started to attack each with pillows and then he started to tickle me” I knew what was coming he had hurt her scars hadn’t he, she had started to stutter now, crying more and gulping for breaths. “He hurt me, I flinched and stopped laughing, that’s where he guessed. He went to lift my top up. I tried to protest, to stop him but he told me it was fine, he wouldn’t mind. When he saw the scars he turned away. He looked at me like I was trash, usless, dirty, I can’t forget that look. Like he was ashamed of knowing me. I stood up and got my bag and shoes. I told him he didn’t want someone who was broken, someone who was delicate . He didn’t reply, just nodded slowly so I guessed that I was right. He didn’t protest, or try to stop me. So I left in the taxi. I burst into tears so the cab driver kicked me out of the car. That’s when I started to cut, It was that dirty look that he gave me. I couldn’t get it out of my mind, He made me feel so dirty, so horrible like a tramp. So I cut more, because it made me who people thought I was. Then I met you, I couldn’t believe my luck, someone who appreciated me for who I really was. Nilee you don’t give me dirty looks, you don’t make me feel insecure you make me feel special and beautiful.” She was sobbing when she came to an end, so was I. Pulling her onto my lap I rocked her back and forth. “shh babe, shh its alright” we stayed like that for ten minutes then got up. She looked at me and started to slowly speak, “Niall you don’t think im dirty do you?” I couldn’t believe she asked that, harry made her even more insecure. I looked her in the eyes “If I thought you were dirty would I do this?” she looked confused. I slowly lent into kiss her, she realised this and lent in to. Our lips touched and sparks seemed to fly. Her lips were soft and plush. I could feel her kissing back as I stroked her head. We pulled apart after 5 seconds or so. “Niall” T whispered I nodded “I really like you but Im a little lost, please can we just, take it slow” I grinned “Sure, I thought you were going to say you hated it and me” She let out a small chuckle and her eyes shined still wet with tears “No Niall I loved it, thank you” I pulled her into a hug. I had only met this girl today and I already felt something with her that I had never felt before. “Im going to speak to harry okay?” she nodded and started to scroll through facebook and twitter on her phone. I shut the door behind me and headed down stairs. “HOW DARE YOU MAKE HER FEEL DIRTY HARRY!!” I shouted at the lad sitting in the living room, on the sofa. “YOU MADE HER EVEN MORE INSECURE, YOU KNEW SHE WAS ALREADY INSEEK OF HELP” He looked at the floor and shrugged “look mate, ni..” I cut him of “DON’T YOU MATE ME” He sighed “I didn’t mean it Niall, I was really upset, when I saw the scars I didn’t know what to do… ive never been in that kind of situation before..” I was boiling over, so cross with him, Harry seemed so relaxed about it, I had to tell him what I found. “LOOK HARRY, I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO DO EITHER, FINDING A GIRL SITTING ON THE SIDE OF A PAVEMENT SOAKED TO THE BONE, CRYING, MESSED UP HAIR, MASCARA RUNNING AND CUTTING HERSLF, RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THEN, BUT I HELPED, I TRIED. I DIDN’T DRIVE PASS OR GO UP TO HER A GIVE HER A DIRTY LOOK, I HELPED.” I sighed “that’s more then you did”. He was crying now, tears falling down his cheeks. He kept running his hands through his hair. “I didn’t realise it was that bad Niall” I was still really pissed but I had calmed down a lot “look harry, just go apologise then leave, please” He looked at me like I was crazy then headed upstairs.


There was a faint knock on the door “come in”. Oh god, its Harry. I stood up as he closed the door slightly leaving it open just a crack. He took a step towards me but I took one back. I tried to avoid his gaze as he started to talk to me “TJ im really sorry, ive never been in that situation before. I was scared, I didn’t know what to do, I Didn’t want to hurt you” I growled and snapped back at him “Yeah well you did pretty good then” He sighed and came face to face with me, this time I tried to escape but he wrapped his arm tight around me. Leaning into me he went for a kiss, it was hard and a surprise. Scared I tried to pull away, Niall had been so gentle with me. I struggled for air pulling back. “GET OFF HER YOU BASTARD” Niall pulled Harry off me. I was breathing heavy “Im so, so sorry Tia jade” Harry almost whispered. I shot him and evil glance “you said that before Harry” I turned and walked over to Niall, trying to be brave and not let the tears get to me. He wrapped his arm around me, and spoke directly to harry “I think its best if you leave now”. I could see the sadness in Harrys eyes, he hadn’t meant to hurt me he was just a different person to Niall. Niall was soft and caring Harry was hard and passionate. I heard the front door slam. Niall sat me down on the bed and I rested my head on his shoulder but it didn’t feel right. The strange thing was that as I replayed the events with Harry in my mind I started to realise that I had enjoyed it, way more then I thought. As I got up to go to the kitchen I had a craving, but not for food, for Harry. I have a craving for the boy who I hate.


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