That Curly Haired Boy

TJ also known as Tia Jade Lily-Rose Barret is an unsecure girl, who lives in a rich family. She has everything, a horse, apple mac, iPhones, 3d TV in her bedroom, a 4 storey house which she lives in with her family. But there’s one thing she doesn’t have, love. Her parents never really loved her and except for Jenna she has no friends. But what happens when a cute curly haired boy knocks her over in the street. What happens when they touch and shivers run down their spines and what happens when this curly haired boy is no ordinary curly haired boy, but Harry Styles from the famous boy band One Direction? (This is my first fan fiction so please give me any tips about how I could improve – Thanks <3)


8. Honey Sandwiches :/


"eurgh! Niall" I woke up with a honey sandwich stuck to my hand. Niall grinned at me, "You were talking in your sleep, saying you were hungry" He winked at me. I had fallen asleep on the floor and my back was killing me, Niall however had slept on the couch and he was still laying there but with a new pack of crisps.

He laughed and flicked on the tv. Spongebob was on. I got up and wandered into the kitchen starting to open cupboards in search of much needed food. Niall creeped up behind me and jumped onto my back. I let out a massive scream, scared and very pissed of. Suddenly the front door burst open and Niall jumped down. The boys ran in weapons in their hands. Zayn had a baseball bat from in the hall, Louis and liam had umbrellas and Harry had his fists clenched ready to punch. I snorted, rather loudly. I couldn’t really help it to be honest it they just looked so funny standing their, weapons at the ready. Niall had started to laugh and with his accent it sounded really funny and made me laugh to. Within a few minutes Niall and I were laughing like crazy, unable to stop and scrunched up on the floor. We couldn’t really help it, honest. Harry coughed and we tried to fade away our laughter. “Im….Re..aalllyy..” I tried to apologize but I was hyperventilating and couldn’t breath. Niall started “you….guyssss..look *deep breath* soo….” But Niall couldn’t finish. He had looked at me and we had burst out laughing again. “WOULD YOU JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!!” Harrys unexpected raise of voice surprised us all and Niall and I shut up. Everybody stared at him. "sshheesshh" muttered Louis quietly, but not quietly enough. Harrys head whipped around, glaring at Louis. "Why were you screaming?" Liam asked, still slightly embaressed. I looked at Niall and burst out laughing again, but harry opened his mouth to speak so we shut up. "Niall jumped on me and surprised me" I  looked directly at Harry, my cheeks started to burn. Harry grunted and turned away, "Im going for some fresh air" walking out he didn't glance back. "Getting a little feisty there, eh niall?" Now it was Nialls turn to blush as Louis grinned cheesily. Niall started to moan at Louis but he just laughed right back at him. I crept out of the room quietly to try and find Harry. He was lying on the grass, "hey" I whispered. Harry looked over at me, his eyes filled with sadness. I went and lied down next to him.


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