That Curly Haired Boy

TJ also known as Tia Jade Lily-Rose Barret is an unsecure girl, who lives in a rich family. She has everything, a horse, apple mac, iPhones, 3d TV in her bedroom, a 4 storey house which she lives in with her family. But there’s one thing she doesn’t have, love. Her parents never really loved her and except for Jenna she has no friends. But what happens when a cute curly haired boy knocks her over in the street. What happens when they touch and shivers run down their spines and what happens when this curly haired boy is no ordinary curly haired boy, but Harry Styles from the famous boy band One Direction? (This is my first fan fiction so please give me any tips about how I could improve – Thanks <3)


9. Express your feelings


"Harry, why are you sad?" Tj looked over at me and smiled. I sighed "its complicated jay" she shuffled closer to me. "Sharing is caring y'know harry" I chuckled, she knew how to get me to talk. Running my fingers through my hair i started to explain. "Theres this girl, that i err like, yes. Shes really nice, but i dont think she likes me. .." I turned away from her and looked up into the bright blue sky. "Harry, im sure if you talk to her she'll understand" our eyes locked and she gave a faint smile. "How?" i questioned, she sighed and took hold of my hand "Harry, how can someone not like you? your sweet, caring, kind, helpful, cute" she stood up and winked "and sexy" i chuckled and watched as she hopped and skipped back to the house. Why couldnt i talk to her? i normally just shut my feelings away, until they had gone. But with tj it was diffrent, i wanted to scream out to the world that i loved her. I want everyone to know. I want her to be mine. Niall is a great mate but shes mine. I got up and walked inside.



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