The Early Signs Of Disaster

Kelly books a dream holiday for her and Mickey, they are so excitited. But whilst on the way to the airport something unexpected happens to Kelly which hasn't happened for over ninteen years. Was this a sign the holiday was going to be disasterous ?
Please let me know what you think of it
Jess xx


3. The Morning Of Departure

I wake up with a start as my alarm called out an annoying ring, but at least it woke me up. It is now six thirty in the morning, I will let Mickey have a lie in as he is not a morning person and I don't want him to change his mind at the last minute. As I begin to rise from my bed, I get a feeling of excitement run down my spine as it does not yet feel like I am going to Australia today. 

This all just feels like one big dream!

Slowly I edge my way towards the misted up window, draw back the silk curtain and look out side. Everything seems so calm and silent, apart from the birds chirping their little hearts and sould out. I tilt my tilt my head up to look at the sky but I immediately tilt it towards the ground as the sky is the brightest blue I have ever seen, I could tell that it was going to be a good day, without a doubt. Then I rested my hand onto the window pane and the glass was an ice cube it sent a shiver down my spine, it was obvious it was going to be cold  anyway because it was a typical frosty English morning.

Quickly I jolted my head towards my digital clock to check the time. "OH NO!" I gasped, under my breath. We only have forty five minutes to get ready and loock up. I then frantically rushed towards our bed and woke Mickey up with a push to his shoulder. He seemed a bit confused at first but then when he came round from his deep sleep he seemed to realise what was going on.

After when we had got dressed and had brekfast, I decided to run around the house like a maniac turning off all the appliances like the television, computer and all the plug sockets, apart from the fridge freezer. Then I made my self double check, knowing me I leave the television switch on or something.

Now I have reassured my self everything is turned off it  was time to drag the suitcases, with Mickey's help, of course. First I wheel my suitcase across the landing, making the house rumble; at one point I thought it may have been an earthquake. Next I have to some how carry the suitcase down the stairs which will certainly be an experience I will not want to re-visit. I used all the strength in my body escially my arms to lift the case up. If I didn't know what was in the case I would have pressumed it was bricks but obviously my clothes are heavy in large quantities. It felt like I had won the London marathon when I had reached the bottom of thestairs though Mickey is obviously much stronger then me as he had no problem lifting his case even though it is much bigger.

Just as we finished getting ready the loud taxi how sounded, this is it my first time ever going to the airort thee first new experience of the trip. "Oh no where are the passports and the tickets?!" I panicked.

"I have got them don't stress." Mickey said calmly.

"Just make sure you use the travel wallet I bought." I said relieved

Finally we open the door, and the fresh air gushes in giving us a wake up call. We drag our cases outside, slam the door shut and lock it. Before we made our ay to the taxi we checked the door was securly locked three times before making our way dwn to the taxi.

We  are greeted by a plump frfiendly taxi manwho helps us load our luggage into the  taxi boot, then he slides open the door and invites us in. A strong smell of stawberry immediately hits me from one of his air freshners. After we put on our seatbelts he confirmed where we wanted to do (Luton Airport) and off we went. As we came out of our street he asks us, "You going anywhere nice on holiday?"

We reply proudly, "Yes, we are going to Australia for sixteen days!"

Th taxi driver replies, "Very nice indeed, I wish I was going there."

Then the sky begins to cryo  to the glass window and just then something happened, and that something had not happened for over nineteen years!..

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