The Early Signs Of Disaster

Kelly books a dream holiday for her and Mickey, they are so excitited. But whilst on the way to the airport something unexpected happens to Kelly which hasn't happened for over ninteen years. Was this a sign the holiday was going to be disasterous ?
Please let me know what you think of it
Jess xx


2. The Confession

I don't think I can hold this secret in any more, I have had to hide it away for two months and it is the night before we are due to go and I think it is time to confess. Though I am not sure how he will react because he has never been on a plane in his whole entire life and it is a big  leap especially as the flight is twenty four hours long. This holiday could definatly go two ways he might refuse to go or he will be frilled and we will have a great time together.

As I edge my way down the stairs I begin to get butterflies in my stomach as I am a bit nervous about how he will react also I do not know if he wil be a bit angered with me as I did not tell him before this. OH MY GOSH I can't believe how lucky I am, he has just put on a programme about Australia I can make some hinta before I eventually tell him straight!

First, I drop myself next to Mickey on our new sofa which feels as soft as velvet and as puffy as an Alsation dog. I hel[p myself to some freshly popped pop corn in a clear plastic bowl. Not only do we have a new sofa, we have a new oak coffee table for in the lounge, it blends in nicely with the light coloured sof and walls.

Australia looks so good; it is like a dream place to live. All year round thirty degres, we will be roasting like turkeys when we arrive! I could spend all my life describing all the good things about Australia, some of the scenes I witness are breath taking. Infinate white beaches outlined by by shiny blue dancing dolphins. Calm and Peaceful picturesque sunsets on the horizon, crysatal clear water in the sparkling swimming pools and in the calm sea. I get a sensation of excitment in my stomach when I see the wild life, my dream of going to Australia is becoming a reality! This it is, I can't wait any longer I have to come clean about my secret.

"Mickey, wouldn't you like to go there someday?" I said excitedly.

"Maybe one day, when I feel the time is right," He answered. So he does actually want to go there, I think I will be in with a chance of him coming!

"How would you react if I said I had got the tickets to go to Australia?" I said curiously. This is the bit I am extremly nervous about it could go two ways: end up a complete disaster or he will be just as excited as me.

"No.No.Oh. You haven't have you?" He said confused and dazed. what? Is he happy or angry i can't tell,please be happy. I have got my toes and fingers crossed.

"Yes I have, two tickets to Australia for sixteen days!" Screaming with excitment. Hopefully I will have louck today and if not I will see if I can change his mind in the morning.

"When for? What about work? This isn't a joke is it?" He said suspiciously.

"No this is why I have been sneaking around. Don't worry I have already informed your boss and he said that it is fine. We are going tomorrow morning, you'll have to get up at six thirty am. Also I have packed the suit cases and everything else you don't need to worry about anything." I quickly said. The moment of truth, I have been through  a lot of effort getting everything prepared, lets hope he is mentally prepared for this trip.

"I feel sick I am so happy. Really I am. I can't say anything else I am speechless!" He stammered.

At the moment I am lying in bed thankful for how it went. I better get some sleep for tomorrow.


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