The Early Signs Of Disaster

Kelly books a dream holiday for her and Mickey, they are so excitited. But whilst on the way to the airport something unexpected happens to Kelly which hasn't happened for over ninteen years. Was this a sign the holiday was going to be disasterous ?
Please let me know what you think of it
Jess xx


1. Decisions

Its our 10th anniversary tomorrow and Mickey's 30th birthday, he deserves something special, he deverves a break from reality. We have both worked hard all of our small livesto deserve something special. Yes, we have been for fancy meals at top resturants and other normal couple birthday stuff but now it is time for a changed, we are not normal, we are Kelly and Mickey!

I am now half way through my mid day chore shopping (my worst nightmare, eventhough I am twenty nine)! Some people love food shopping in town but all of the old people going one mile an hour with their trolleys just fustrate me especially when they just stopright in front of me and start talking to anouther random old person. "Hello lovely how are you?" Says an old women.

"I am okay thank-you. Just doing my shopping rounds..." Says anouther old women.

Don't get me wrong I do respect my elderly but sometime they just annoy me.

As I walk past the travel agents a poser grabs my attention in the corner of my eye. So I charge back through the bustling crowdsand find my self looking at the holiday of my dreams, the poster looks so pristine with its yellow and blue background print shing through as if it was meant for me. The poster said "Holiday to Australia for two adults. Departure: London, Heathrow and return to: London Heathrow. Only one thousand, five hundred pounds per person. Enquire in store for further details". It is now obvious I am going to enquire and if i didn't I wuld go back five minutes later regretting that i didn't go when I first spotted he advertisment.

I walked into the travel agents and got an excitable feeling inside me, I am beginnig to think that I am going to screamout with excitement at this point. Whilst looking at a brochure about Australia a women came over to me and asked if I was looking for anywhere in particular. Then I undoubtly said, "Yes.". Subsequently I was guided over to her desk were there was a comfy padded seat waiting there for me to sit on it. I sat myself on it and it was as soft as a cloud. Therefore I enquired about the trip to Australia which was the best thing I ever did!!! The travel agent women said, "The holiday is for sixteen nights at a four star hotel in Sydney. It is an all inclusive holiday where your transfers will also be included. You will fly from London Heathrow at one thirty pm on the 16th June and land at Sydney International Airport. Then you will fly back to Heathrow on the 1st July." After I looked at some pictures of the hotel and it is mind blowing there is: a spa, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, central location, free laundry facilities, flat screen television, Play Station 3 and a DVD player in each room to! I stutter in amazment not knowing what to think at this point in time. Somehow I manage to ask for a quote, I nearly fainted when I found out that I could actually afford my dream holiday!!! I wastn't sure wether to book it or not as Mickey had never been on a plane.It came to £4000 for both of us which is extremly cheap considering that you are going to the other side of the world. She then said to me "Would you be intrested in a boat trip to Tasmania and a two day stay there for only £400 extra?" Now by this time I kept my excitement in but then I burst our screaming "YES,YES,YES!!!". Next I just had to give my details and pay my deposit of £400 and the holiday is booked. Then she handed me the conformation form, which was still warm from the printer, and squeezed it tight like someone was going to steel it from me.

Nevertheless, I gripped the conformation forms all the way home, flung the shopping in to the kitchen, plonked myself down on the sofaand started stroking the form admiringly until the doorbell rung. It is Mickey, I had to quickly hide them somewhere he wouldn't find out as I wanted it to be a suprise. I let him in and carried on my evening as usual but in an extremly good mood.



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