I'll Love You For Infinity And Beyond

This is about a girl named Isabella who moved to Wolverhampton, England. Her neighbors come over to welcome her to the nieghborhood. When it is her first day of school her neighbor Liam is in her class. They eventually become really good friends and Liam asks her out. Will they grow a close bond or will their friendship be ruined.


2. The Move


"Come on Isabella, we have to get to the airport." her mother called.

"I'll be right down" I said to my mom.

I got all of my bags and headed downstairs, this is the last time I will be in my room.

"You ready to leave" Mother asked. "Yeah, i'm going to miss being here" I said. "Yeah but I like a little change" she said as we walked out the door.

We put our bags into the taxi and off we went. It took about 30 minuets to get to the airport. When we got to the airport we went to the boarding area and waited for the plane to arrive.

"So are you excited to be moving" My mom asked me.

"Yeah are you" I asked her.

"Nervous, I"ve always lived here. I lived in that same house since I was born." she told me. I think my mom was starting to cry.

"Are you going to miss it here" I asked her.

"A lot" she said wiping her eyes.

"The plane for Wolverhampton England is now boarding." we heard over the intercom. "Time to go to out new home" she said getting up. I got up and we gave the lady our tickets and got on the airplane. Im nervous because ive never been on the airplane before but there's a first to everything. When we got on the plane we found our seats and waited for everyone to board. When everyone was in their seats the flight attendents showed overyone instructions and off we went. I didnt hear how long it would take but I know its going to be long.

"My ears popped " my mom said to me.

"Mine to and im starting to get a headache" I said to my mom.

"If you listen to music your ears wont be as bad" the lady next to me said.

"Thank you, Ill try it and see if it helps" I replied smiling.

I got out my headphones and started to listen to music, this really does work. After a while I got tired, my mom and the lady next to me were sleeping. We only been on the plane for 15 minuets and I cant wait to get off. I leaned on my moms arm and closed my eyes but I coundn't fall asleep. I sat up and changed the music then leaned on my moms arm again. I closed my eyes and after a couple minuets I found myself in a deep sleep. I dreamed about what it is going to be like there but my dreamed turned into a nightmare. I dreamed that when we got there we lived in a beautiful friendly neighbor hood. . When I went to school I made many friends on the first day. When I invited one of my friends over she tried to hold me and my mom hostige. When I ran out the door all the neighbors were surrounding our house and they had my mom. I got so scared I woke myself up. When I woke up my mom wasn't there I began to get worried. I started to look around in panic but I still couldnt find her. I tried to stay calm and think positive thoughts. After a couple minuets my mom came back and sat in her seat.

"Where were you" I asked worried.

"I was in the bathroom" she said confused. I sighed and sat back in my seat.

"Are you ok" she asked me.

"Yeah just a bad dream" I said to her. I told her about my dream.

"Everything is going to be fine" she told me. We sat there and talked for a while.

"Attention we will be landing in Wolverhampton, England in 5 minuets" the lady said.

Im so happy to be getting off of this airplane. When the airplane landed we stretched, grabbed our luggage and got off the plane. My mom had people go into the house and set up our stuff set up so when we got there our beds and everything were set up. When we got into the taxi my mom told him the address. It only took about 15 minuets to get there. When we pulled up I was shocked. 

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