I'll Love You For Infinity And Beyond

This is about a girl named Isabella who moved to Wolverhampton, England. Her neighbors come over to welcome her to the nieghborhood. When it is her first day of school her neighbor Liam is in her class. They eventually become really good friends and Liam asks her out. Will they grow a close bond or will their friendship be ruined.


8. The Date

I woke up and I was excited. I had a dream about Liam. I got out of bed and started to get ready. By the time I was finished Liam knocked on the door. I ran down the steps and over to the door. I opened the door and he was standing there with flowers. 

"Hello" he said. 

"Hi. Would you like to come in" I asked.

"Yeah, these are for you" he said.

"Aw, thank you" I said hugging him.

"I have to tell my mom i'm leaving and we can go" I said.

"Ok" he said. I went upstairs and into my moms room. She was sitting on her bed watching TV.

"Morning" I said walking into her room.

"Morning" she said back.

"Liam is taking me out to show me around more, is that ok?" I asked her.

"Yeah" she said.

"Thank you" I said.

"Your welcome" she replied. I walked out of her room and into my room. I got my shoes, phone, and jacket and went down stairs. When I walked down Liam was waiting by the door.

"You ready to go" he asked

"Yeah" I said. We walked out to his car and he drove off.

"Where are we going" I asked him.

"I dont know. I was thinking I can show you around more and then later we can go to a movie and then dinner" he said.

"Yeah, sounds great" I said. Liam drove around and then we got out of the car and walked around so he can show me more. We walked around for about an hour and then we went back to the car.

"Where to now" I asked.

"Well, its to early to go to a movie. Would you like to meet my parents, they live right down the street" he said.

"Yeah" I said. We got into the car and went to his parents. When we arrived we got out and went up to the door  and Liam knocked. His mom answered and we went in.

"Hi mom" Liam said giving her a hug.

"Hi honey, who's this" she said.

"This is my neighbor Isabella" he said. We shook hands and she introduced her self.

"Hi my name is Karen." she said. We sat down and we talked for a while. We got to know each other very well. We stayed there until 3:30 and we left. We got to the movies and we got tickets and went in. When the movie was over we went out to dinner. By the time we got back home it was 7:30. 

"Would you like to come in" he said.

"Yeah" I said. We walked up to his door and went in. We went into the living room and we sat down. 

"I had a great time today. I love spending time with you" he said. 

"I feel the same way" I said. We sat  there and talked for a while. 

"It's getting kind of late so I should walk back over" I said.

"Ok, i'll walk you over" he said.

"Thank you" I said. We got up and walked to my house.

"Wait" Liam said as I was about to walk in.

"Whats wrong" I asked. As soon as I finished saying that he pulled me close to him and kissed me. When he let me go we said goodbye and we went in side. I cant believe he kissed me. I fell asleep with a smile that night. All I could think about was Liam and our date. I hope we can become more than friends.

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