I'll Love You For Infinity And Beyond

This is about a girl named Isabella who moved to Wolverhampton, England. Her neighbors come over to welcome her to the nieghborhood. When it is her first day of school her neighbor Liam is in her class. They eventually become really good friends and Liam asks her out. Will they grow a close bond or will their friendship be ruined.


9. Morning


I woke up the next morning and got ready. When I was finished I went over to Liams house.I knocked and Harry answered.

"Hello Isabella" he said,

"Hi, is Liam here" I asked.

"Yeah, come in" He said. We went in and we walked into the living room. Liam was sitting on the couch watching Tv. I went up and sat next to him.

"Hello" I said. He look over in shock.

"Hi" he said happily. He gave me a hug an a kiss.

"So, how are you" I asked.

"Good, how are you" he asked me.

"Im good." I said,

"Well Im glad. " he said smiling.

"Yeah" I said laughing.

"So today me and the boys have a concert, would you like to go. You can hang out with Elounor and Perrie." he said.

"Who's that" I asked.

"Elounor is Louis's girlfriend and Perrie is Zayns girlfriend." he said.

"Yeah, I would like to go." I said.

"Ok, you guys are going to be front row and then after the concert Elounor and Perrie will take you back stage" he said.

"Ok, What time is the concert." I asjed.

"We will be leaving at 5:00" he said.

"Ok, I will go back to my house and help my mom and then I will come over when we are leaving" I said.

"Ok, that sounds good" he said.


"Bye" I walked over to my house and went over to my mom. I went upstairs and my mom was still sleeping. I cleaned the house until she woke up.

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