I'll Love You For Infinity And Beyond

This is about a girl named Isabella who moved to Wolverhampton, England. Her neighbors come over to welcome her to the nieghborhood. When it is her first day of school her neighbor Liam is in her class. They eventually become really good friends and Liam asks her out. Will they grow a close bond or will their friendship be ruined.


10. Hanging out

        When the concert was over we went backstage with the boys and hung out. After the concert we went out and got something to eat. When we were finished eating we said goodbye to everyone and me and Liam left.

"So Izzy I would like to know if you would like to sleep over at my place tonight" Liam asked me.

"Sure why not" I said. When we got back I went to my house and got all of my stuff and went over to Liams house. We sat in the living room and watched movies all night. I fell asleep on Liam and we stayed like that all night. When we woke up in the morning I woke up and Liam was gone. I walked over to the kitchen and found him and Louis sitting down.

"Morning" I said.

"Morning" Liam said. Louis was oddly quiet this morning.

"Are you ok Louis" I asked walking over to Liam and giving him a hug.

"Yeah, just got alot on my mind" he said. I was really worried cause he isnt acting the same.

"Are you hungry" Liam asked.

"Yeah, a little." I said.

"Would you two like to go out and get some breakfast" Liam asked.

"No thanks I think im just going to go home" Louis said. We said bye to Louis and then he left.

"Would you like to go out for breakfast" Liam asked me.

"Or If you would like I could walk to the store down the street and get stuff and make breakfast" I said.

"Well why dont we walk down together." Liam said.

"Ok well why dont we get ready" I said. Me and Liam  both got ready and we walked down to the store. When we were walking to the store me and we were talking.

"So is Louis ok. I dont want to know what happened its just that he dosent seem like himself" I said.

"I think it would be better if you knew so nothing is brought up on accident. Well last night something happened and Louis and Elounor are  no longer together. I think it was for the better but things are going to be different now." he said.

"I hope they are both ok" I said. We talked some more until we got to the store. We got stuff and Walked back to Liams house. We made breakfast and when we were finished eating we cleaned up and went into the living room. We ended up watching movies until 11. I stayed at Liams house again.

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