I'll Love You For Infinity And Beyond

This is about a girl named Isabella who moved to Wolverhampton, England. Her neighbors come over to welcome her to the nieghborhood. When it is her first day of school her neighbor Liam is in her class. They eventually become really good friends and Liam asks her out. Will they grow a close bond or will their friendship be ruined.


7. Beautiful London


While we were driving around I was looking at the people and buildings. London is so pretty. When Liam truned the corner I was in complete shock. All I saw out the window was Big Ben. It was an amazing sight. I cant believe im here.This is like a dream come true. I never thought I would be here.I looked around more and the car stopped.


"Are you afraid of heights" Liam asked me.


 "No" I said.


 "Good, would you like to go for a ride on the London eye" he asked.

 "Yes" I said excitedly. We walked over and waited in line to go on the London eye.When we were in the front Liam paied the guy for two tickets and we got on. When the ride started to move I got excited.I stood up and looked out.

"Wow, London is so beautiful" I said.

"Yeah, I know. I love it here" he said walking up and standing next to me. He pointed out a few places. I could look at this view forever. When the ride reached the bottom we got out.

"So, are you hungry" Liam asked me. "Yeah, a little." I said.

"How about we go to dinner, my treat" he said. "I would love that" I said. WE walked over to a resturaunt that was down the street. The resturaunt was called Nandos. "This is Niall favourite reasurauntto go to" He said opening the door.

"Well, the food must be delicious" I said laughing.When we walked in the waiter seated us.The waiter gave us our meanues and we ordered drinks. We then ordered our food. When we were done eating we ordered desert. Liam paied the check and we left. It was getting dark and everything otuside was lit up.

"It looks georgus at night" I said looking around.

"Yeah, it looks really nice when it's winter because the snow is placed neatly." he said to me. We walked to his car and got in. Heput the heat on when we got in because it was cold outside. When we pulled up to the house we got out.


 "Would you like to come meet my mom" I asked him.

"Yeah, that would be nice" he said. We walked up to the door and went in. My mom was in the living room watching TV.

"Hi mom" I said walking into the living room. She turned around and saw me and Liam standing there.

"This is Liam, he lives next door" I said.

"Well hello Liam, my name is Elizabeth" my mom said shaking Liams hand.

"Nice to meet you Elizabeth" he said to her.

"Your accent is just so adorable" my mom said to Liam.

"Thank you" he said smiling.

"So how was your day mom" I asked as me and Liam sat down on the couch.

"It was nice. Liam showed me around. We saw big ben and we got to ride on the London eye. Also we went to a really nice resturaunt" I said.

"That sounds fun" she said smiling.

"I think I should get going, it's getting pretty late" Liam said to me. We got up and I walked him to the door.

"I really like you Isabell, and I would love to get to know you. You arent like the other girls, and I love your personality" he said while we were standing at the door.


 "I would like to get to know you better and I feel that same about you" I said.

"So do you want to hang out tomorrow" he asked me.

"That would be great" I said.

"Ok, I'll see you here around 10" he said.

"Yeah" I said.

"Bye" he said.

"Bye" I said. I closed the door and went upstairs to my room. I cant believe he likes me, this is like a dream come true.


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