Just Like Magic!

What happens when your deepest, most craziest dream comes true? It's just like magic!


4. Sorting and Where to Live

Lily and I helped each other up, still laughing. We grabbed my school bag and sat in the two chairs in front of Dumbledore's desk. He walked in, having just returned from the feast. I was slightly sad that I missed my first feast, but I was happier than I'd ever been before.

"I trust you found everything all right?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yeah," Lily and I replied together happily.

"Next thing is to get you sorted into a house. The houses are-"

"I know. Gryffindor for the loyal and brave, Slytherin for those whom seek power, Ravenclaw for the bright of mind, and Hufflepuff for the hardworking." I cut him off. "Sorry, professor," I said shyly.

"Quite alright!" He said brightly. He grabbed the sorting hat from nearby and placed it on my head.

"Hmmm… Very difficult… I sense much bravery… Very, very intelligent… Hardworking as well… You would be the brightest witch of your age… But Ravenclaw or Gryffindor…? Hmmm…" It sat silently for a few minutes mulling it over. Finally, it said, "It'd better be GRYFFINDOR!" The hat roared. 

Lily was beaming. She came over and gave me a hug, leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Now we'll live together in the dormitory!" 

Dumbledore was clapping. "Now the second issue…" his voice trailed off.

"Is…?" Lily prompted.

"Where will you live?" He said to me.

"Pardon?" I replied.

"In the summer… Where will you live…" Lily opened her mouth to say I could live with her, but Dumbledore read her mind. "No, sorry, Lily… Couldn't do that to your muggle family…" Of course I already knew she was muggle-born and her sister is petunia, but I couldn't let them know I had somehow got here by magic.

Dumbledore continued thinking in silence while Lily and I just watched him. "The Potters…" He said at last. Lily groaned. I smiled. I was overjoyed. James as a brother? Was I going mad? This was almost too brilliant.

Suddenly McGonagall entered. Dumbledore interrupted her as soon as she entered. "Minerva, will you please retrieve James Potter and Sirius Black? I need to speak with them as well."

"It'd be my pleasure," she replied and strolled out swiftly. A minute later, she reentered with James and Sirius.

"I swear we didn't do it!" James insisted.

"I wasn't us!" Sirius confirmed.

"I am not saying you did anything." Dumbledore said. The boys looked away from McGonagall and up at him. Suddenly they noticed Lily and I. "James, Sirius, this is Ella."

"Hello…" Sirius said timidly. James just gave a smile and a wave. He messed up his hair in efforts to impress Lily, who looked unamused and just gave him a look of disgust.

"So - er - Why are we - er - here…" James asked shyly.

"Miss Jones is going to be a part of your family. I am quite sure your parents won't mind," Dumbledore said. James had an expression on his face as if he'd just been hit by a stunning curse. "Your mum and dad will be coming by in two days time to visit with El and work out the details. You two are excused from classes to come to the meeting." He said to a still shocked James and a slightly surprised Sirius. "You are dismissed now."

James and Sirius walked out without another word.

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