Just Like Magic!

What happens when your deepest, most craziest dream comes true? It's just like magic!


2. Exception

"El! Ella get up! We are here!" I felt somebody poke me.

"Shut up, mum" I groaned. Then my eyes shot open and there sat Lily. She was giggling to her self.

"As you may notice, I am not your mother" she giggled then stood up. "Come on" she opened the door. I was quite disapointed that I had fallen asleep. I wanted to savour every moment, but falling asleep just proved that this was all real! I followed Lily out of the door and then out of the train.

"Ella!" I heard a voice call my name, I turned around and looked up at the man that stood there.

"Ogg?" I asked, remembering he was the gamekeeper in this time. Molly Weasley says so in the Goblet of Fire

"It is!" he grinned to himself, "Now follo' me fer a secon'" he walked down past the hundreds of students. "Lily!" he shouted and she joined us. "You two are goin' to follo' me up to the school," he smiled. Lily and I looked at each other nervously. I gave Lily a nervous smile as we followed Hagrid. She replied with a confident one.

The walkway to the castle was just as I had imagined it. Even though it was dark, I took as much notice as I could of the scenery.

"Wait- Lily! I don't have any stuff- I need my wand, and all my books-"

"El! Your stuff will be in the castle with everybody else's!"

"But.. well... Wait, I'm thirteen? So we are in…"

"Our third year? Yes…" She hesitated, "I've never known this school to take in new students though."

"I must be an exception," I laughed and winked at her. Right now, I was really confused.

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