Just Like Magic!

What happens when your deepest, most craziest dream comes true? It's just like magic!


3. Diagon Ally

We went straight to Dumbledore's office. He was sitting behind the desk and smiling brightly. His incandescent blue eyes were shining. The caretaker, Apollyon Pringle, had stopped in, but he left quickly, seeing as Dumbledore was busy. Dumbledore told us we were going to be sent to Diagon Ally by portkey. He handed us a book from the shelf behind him, and we were off. Lily and I went into several shops and bought several books (including The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 3 by Miranda Goshawk), quills, and roles of parchment. Finally, it was time to get my wand. We walked up to Ollivanders. Hesitantly, I walked inside.

Lily explained that I needed a wand and all. My stomach had knotted up, and my throat was dry. My mouth opened but no words came out. 

"Right this way Miss Jones!" He called and I walked a few feet closer. He came out with a nice, tidy looking wand. "10 and a half inch oak with a strand of hair from a unicorn's tail." When he saw me hesitate he said, "Go on! Give it a flick!" 

I flicked the wand. Red sparks shot out. Mr. Ollivander ducked behind the desk, Lily let out a short, high-pitched, involuntary scream, and boxes of wands flew of the shelves. 

"Oops." I said nervous and embarrassed.

"No matter!" He said with slightly less glee as before. 

I tried a few more wands. None of them worked either. He came over with what seemed like the 500th wand.

"9 and 3 quarter inches… inflexible… ash…" He scrutinized the wand carefully. "Containing a single hair from the tail of a particularly fine female unicorn."

He handed me the wand and I flicked it. I knew it was the one. We all knew it was the one.  

"Why this one?" I asked, just curious to see what he would say.

"The wand chooses the wizard, Miss Jones," he said to no one's surprise. Lily and I gathered my books, quills, and scrolls and put them carefully into my bag. I held my wand tightly in my hand as though it would be yanked from my grasp at any moment. We grabbed the return portkey and next thing I knew, we were both sitting on the floor of dumbledore's office laughing. This was going to be the best birthday ever - if it wasn't already.


*AUTHOR'S NOTE: I'm the new author of this story! I recommend rereading the rest of the story because I changed some things! Thanks! Please comment!

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