I Love You

Kate, a normal girl. Famous all over the world, just making these funny videos with her bestfriend Janna. What happens when Kate bumps into a boy?

Will they be together? Read to find out >>>>>


2. Sleepover!!!

“Wow, you already prepared. You really are desperate to look pretty on your date.”


“Well... I love him and so will you love Harry.”




“Sure you won’t.....”






I was fixing Janna’s hair while eating fries when suddenly my phone rang from my pocket. 




Hey Babe,

              I’m bringing you out tomorrow night. Wear something pretty. Harry x.




“Ugh! I hate this guy!” I said out loud.


“What?” Janna asked, taking my phone.


“Oh My God! Kate!!!! You got a date!!!!”


“Well, I’m not going.”


“You are!!”


I texted him back:




How the hell did you get my number?




        Don’t ask me. Janna 

                 gave it.

                             <3 Harry.



             I’m not going!




         Yes you are, you LIKE 





      Never in my whole life, 

                  will I like you.




      Well, you won’t hate me 

               for long...




“Janna! I don’t wanna go out with him!”

“I can’t do anything with that, He’s interested in you. Now, do my make-up.”


I applied some eye-liner and foundation with some blush on both her cheeks. She looked stunning. I just needed one last touch. Lip gloss. I got the Chanel branded, strawberry flavored and applied it on her lips.


“You look gorgeous. I am such a genius. You will certainly have sex later tonight.”


“Don’t be so sure about it. We both are still virgins.” Janna said in her raspy, unusual voice.


“YOU’RE WHAT?” I asked so surprised.


“Nick and I are STILL VIRGINS!” She screamed.


“Even I am not a virgin anymore, and you???”


“Well, I’m certainly not like you. I will have it in the right time with the right guy, which is Nick. Who did you even have sex with?”


“Remember the Hot Football Player from highschool?”


“Oh yeah, Dan?”


“Yup. Now, let’s get you going. You’ve got a date.”


“Ok, bye Girlie! Have fun with ‘Harry’ later.” She winked at me when saying ‘Harry’.




“BYE!” She screamed from the door.


I am so gonna kill her. I hate Harry, he’s so flirty and perverty I can see it in his voice and eyes already. He’s the kind of person who gets all the girls and always does a one night stand. I hate those kind of boys.  



I was eating Ice Cream, facing the television, watching Celebrities Underwater with a sad smile on my mouth. I then heard a knock on the door. Of course, it’s Harry. I didn’t want him here now.


“Vat Vo You Vant?” I said mimicing a voice.


“Kate, is that you?” I heard Harry’s british voice say.




“Could you please open the door? I really want to see you.”


“Ugh... It’s open!”




“Hello Beautiful.” He said with a smirk on his face.


“Why are you here?” I whined.


“I came to see you.” 


I saw his sparkling green orbs. They were perfect. He was holding my hand, I looked down. I felt his right hand cup my chin and then he looked me in the eyes.


“What’s wrong Love?”


I couldn’t speak. There was nothing wrong with me. It’s just that I was sad for no reason. 


“It’s just....” I got cut off.


“It’s okay babe. You’re here with me now.” He said walking in without me inviting him. (which I wouldn’t!)


He sat on the couch, got my spoon and vigourously ate my ice cream.


“You must REALLY love ice cream...”


“Yup! they taste so good! It melts in your mouth. How scrumptious.”


“Sure... So what do you want to do? Now that you are sadly here?” I said while sitting 5 feet away from him on the couch.


“We can watch a movie? Or you and I can call our friends to come and play Truth or Dare?”


“Okay... I’ll call my friends. But, Janna is not coming.”


“Why not?”

“She’s on date with her boyfriend.”


“She has a boyfriend?” He replied sadly.




“My friend likes her. Even by the picture already.”


“And who may that be?”


“Liam. I’m guessing you don’t know him... Here, a picture of him.” He said giving me his phone.


“WOW! He looks better than you.”


“HURTFUL!” He shouted.


“Hehe... so.. I’ll dial them..”


“Okay, me too.”


We both faced back holding out our phones. I dialled Rose, Sophie and Andrea. They were my 3 closest friend since nursery. Well, we still were in touch. Then I heard Harry talk to this Irish Guy I think... It was on speaker phone in my room. Wait, in my room?!?!?!


“HARRY! What are you doing in my room?”


He then pulled out my black lace underwear from the drawer. I blushed. On his other hand he held out a tampon. I was super embarrased.


“Put that down!”


“Sorry?” He said trying to hide my underwear in his pocket.


“NO! Put that back in their!”


He place it back and then headed out the door.

“Good boy.”



After an hour, Harry’s friends came. We got to introduce ourselves. So, the Irish Boy, Niall and the one who loves carrots, Louis, the vain person, Zayn and last but not least, Liam, who hates spoons.


Rose, Sophie and Andrea were late, but they eventually came like an hour after the boys. They came in with loads of shopping bags. It was funny as all of them tripped on their shopping bags and fell on each one of the boys. Well, except Liam who was eating ice cream with a fork in the kitchen. So, Rose was with Zayn, Sophie with Louis and Andrea with Niall. They were all perfect together. But, in my opinion Harry and I were NOT meant to be, it seems like a fact too! We all sat in a big circle. Liam was next to Harry who was next to me. 


Rose was beside Niall to the left and Zayn to the right. Niall was beside Andrea and they were cuddling. Wow, that was fast. As I looked forward, Sophie was sat in between Louis’ legs. Like I said, that was fast. Liam was all alone... how sad. But then, Janna has to break up with Nick because Liam is so much hotter than him. 


“I’ll go first!” Louis proclaimed.


He spinned it and it landed on me. 

“Kate, you and Harry have to do 7 minutes in heaven with Harry in that closet.”

We both looked at each other.

“No problem with me.” Harry said.

“Ugh! No, I’m not going in there with you!”

“Like I said, no problem with me. Kate, it’s either I carry you or you walk.”


“That’s it, I’m carrying you.”


He carried me to the closet and turned on the lights. When we were on the way there, I think I heard all of them stifle a laugh. OH THEY ARE GOING DOWN!

He place me down on the floor. 


“So, shall we get started?”


“Fine! but this means nothing to me nor to you.”

“Yes.” He said, leaning in closer.


I got pushed back to the wall of the closet, Harry hands loosening the grip on my wrist. He smashed his lips onto mine. His soft juicy lips were like fireworks on my lips. I then kissed him back. He then moved his hands to my waist as I wrapped my legs around his long legs. It turned out to be a full-on make-out session. 




“Are you guys done yet?” Louis asked.


We both moaned. Then we saw a gleam of light when Louis suddenly opened the door.


“Eww! Guys, stop! You’ve been in there for 15 minutes.” He sounded in disgust, pulling us apart. We both blushed in embarrasment.


“Come on, the rest are waiting for you two lovebirds.”


Harry managed to put a smile on his face, after what we have done. Rose, Sophie and Andrea were giving me the ‘what happened?’ look. 


It was my turn to spin the bottle, It ended on Zayn. I gave the chance to Harry. 


“Zayn, Truth or Dare?” Harry asked.


“Truth.” Zayn replied.


“Who do you like here, in this whole group?”


He was silent. He was going saying something, but couldn’t. Sweat was pouring down his face. I saw his palms sweat as he wiped it on a towel.


“U-u-m, I-I like R-Rose.” He said, finally getting it out of his mouth.


I saw Rose sneak-up a smile behind her back. She was obviously blushing. She placed her arm around Zayn’s shoulder, they cuddled and entwined their hands together. I didn’t realize that I was also holding Harry’s large hand. He was staring at me, like we just got married. It felt so weird, I wanted to pull back but his grip was too hard. 

The game went on and on...



The Dare’s were:

Andrea, placing ketchup on Niall’s torso and then licking it off. Sophie kissing Rose on the lips. Louis, going out of the apartment and to our neighbor’s door and telling her that her arse looks hot. (Sophie totally freaked out) Harry kissing Louis infront of all of us and posting it on Twitter. (Larry Stylinson Moment). They got tons of tweets! Rose and Zayn, taking a bath together. Liam dancing with Harry naked.




The best was Andrea placing ketchup on Niall’s torso and licking it. It was cute and hilarious. No one chose truth, except for Zayn. But, after what he did, we decided not to choose the truth.


“Okay guys, It’s getting kinda late. Actually, it’s 6 in the morning already. But we all look super hyper. See you on Friday?” I said.


“Yup, I’m tired. See you guys on Friday.” Andrea said, pulling Niall’s hand towards the door.


“Me too.” Louis and Sophie spoke at the same time and him carrying Sophie on his shoulders and out of the door.


“I’ll see y’all on friday.” Liam talked crazy. He’s been drinking over the corner of the room.


“Oi! Careful mate, you don’t want to fall and hurt yourself.” Harry said.


“Oh I won’t! Zayn and Rose are bringing me home.” Liam said.


I looked to the door to see a sad Rose and Zayn..

“Fine, come on mate.” Zayn lazily replied.



“And for you loverboy...” I said pointing at the door.


“Yes, okay, I’m going. Unless, ya know, You want me to stay...” He said trying to convince me.


“Fine, but you’re sleeping in Janna’s room or on the couch of my room.”


“Yay! And by any chance, do you have any GUY pajamas for me?”


“Yeah, it’s in my wardrobe. 3rd drawer to the right.”


“Thanks, wait... why do you have GUY clothes?”


“They used to be my brothers, but now, he now is living in a house with a perfect family.”


“Oh, okay. Thank you so much.” He replied from the stairs.




I went up after cleaning up the whole living room and kitchen to see Harry laid down on my bed with only sweat pants. I really wanted him to sleep on the bed with me but ...no....


“What the hell are you doing on my bed?” I asked.


“Fine, fine I’ll go to the couch.”


“Good.” I said, pulling the duvet over my chest.


“Goodnight Love.” Harry said.


“Goodnight Harry.”


Harry was sound asleep, I guess... unless he was faking. I was just there on the left side of the bed, staring at the ceiling. I need Harry. I feel like a part of me is missing, which is Harry. I got off the bed and walked over to wear Harry was sleeping. The couch was big so around 4 people can fit.


“Mmm... You didn’t know how much I wanted you here.”


“Me too...” I responded, laying down on his bare chest.







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