Imagine one direction

Hey people I'm going to be writting a imagine for one direction if you want to be in one write in the details that will be in the first chapter please no hate I haven't made a movella in a while love you all Fion


2. Tester(not someone's imagine)

You woke up to the sound of Nialls alarm clock playing viva la Vida in a soft. You could hear the quiet moans of Niall waking up. The grip around your waist was tightening as his eyes started to flutter open. His bright blue eyes looked into yours his plump pink lips made you melt in side. "Morning princess" Niall's husky morning voice said to you as you got ready for the day Niall has planned you could hear the sound of bacon sizzling and sausages popping. As you walked down the stairs there was a fully dressed Niall in a suit and tie waiting for you while in his hand was a bunch of white roses. Behind him was a chief cooking a full cooked breakfast for you and Niall. You were gazing at the chief cooking when you felt the slightest touch grab your hand Niall pulled you into the other room were there was a vintage white set of table and chairs waiting to be seated. You turned around to face Niall the thank him. But before you could speak you were pulled into a kiss by the love of you life the kiss was filled with passion and love it felted like you were in Nialls arms forever but when in reality it was only a minute. Then before you new it Niall said those three words you've been wanting him to say all day "happy Valentin's day". He sat you down to the most wonderful breakfast you've ever had. You guys stayed the for hours you decided to go to a little park up the street. Niall was singing to you playing his guitar and goofing around as. The sun started to set there was 4 tall figures walking out of a bush when you looked back in front of you there there was Niall there on one nee the 4 figures started to sing a little tune. Niall went and grabbed a box out of his pocket and asked you 4 little word "will you marry me".

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