Letters to the Lost Ones

Poem collection with the theme losing.


2. ...and a friend

The flowers have wilted away
and the tears have dried
and the people that said
they would never forget you
can't even remember your name

And even though I told mother that I was fine
And told Marcus that you're a better place now
I feel like a liar
because I still feel that emptiness
that nobody can replace

I want to tell you how my life is going
without having to feel selfish
because before
you were always a good listener
and never asked for anything in return

I wish you were there
to see Marcus graduate
to help mother with the bills
to give me away to the wedding
to a man you've never met

But I'm not a child anymore
And I know that it doesn't matter
what I wish
or what I want
because some things are meant to be
even though we don't like it that way

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