Adopted By One Direction

Diane is 5 years old in the adoption center. One Direction adopts her. Her life is this story! :)


3. OMG


I ran down the stairs to find one direction sitting in the living room/lobby.

“h-hi one direction.” I whispered.

“h-hi Diane.” Louis copied me. I giggled and ran to Liam.

“Hi Liam! Can I have a hug?” I asked politely.

“Sure thing Hun.” Then he picked me up and I hugged him real tight.

“Pass me to harry” I whispered in his ear than kissed his cheek. He smiled then gave me to harry.

“HI HARRY!” I said the squeeze his cheeks and ruffled his hair. He laughed and hugged me. I hugged back and whispered in his ear, “pass me to Louis.” Then kissed his cheek. He smiled and nodded and I got handed over to Louis.

We both said ‘hi Louis’ and ‘hi Diane’ at the same time and laughed.

He hugged me and I poked his nose. He chuckled.

“Pass me to Zayn PLEASE” I whispered in his ear then kissed his cheek. He smiled then handed me over to Zayn.

“Hi Zayn!” I said.

“VAS HAPPININ’?!?!?” He said I giggled and took the comb out of my book bags pocket and combed his hair to the side. It wasn’t in a quif.

“Thank you very much little lady!” he laughed.

“You are very welcome!” I said back.

“Hand me to the hungry leprechaun!” I whispered in his ear. We both giggled and he set me on the couch next to Niall who was stuffing his face. I laughed.

He noticed I was sitting next to him. He put an arm around me.

“Hi hungry leprechaun!” I said. I giggled and he laughed. I’ve always wanted to hear his laugh! I stole a chip from his bag and before I could get it in my mouth Niall stopped me and I put it in his mouth.

I laughed and he fed me a chip.

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