Adopted By One Direction

Diane is 5 years old in the adoption center. One Direction adopts her. Her life is this story! :)


1. Diane's Day


Scarletts POV

Someone knocked on the door so I went to get it.

“Welcome to Tree Side Orphanage! Im Scarlett how may I help you?” I asked nicely.

“HI!!!! SCARLETTTTT!!!!!” they sang. Im supposing 5 good looking boys. I looked up and saw…….. ONE DIRECTION!!!!

“OMG!! You’re one direction!!!” I said.

“Yes ma'am!” harry said.

“Well what age and gender are you looking for?” I asked.

“Umm we were thinking a girl and any age under 10.” Liam said.

“Well, follow me!” I said and lead them to my desk.

I typed into my laptop.

“Ummm well all the girls we have are over ten…” I started. There face expressions changed. They frowned.

“Except!” I said happily. Their faces brightened.

“Diane. She is 5.” I finished.

“We’ll take her!” Niall said.

“Ok ill ring her up!” I said and grabbed the phone.

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