Adopted By One Direction

Diane is 5 years old in the adoption center. One Direction adopts her. Her life is this story! :)


4. Car Ride


We drove for what it felt like hours!

“BOOBARE?! Are we there yet?!” I asked impatient.

“No Ms. Impatient!” he joked. I growled and crossed my arms.

“Chill girl” Zayn said.

“Let’s play a game to speed up the time” Niall suggested.

We all agreed.

“Truth or dare!” I said. They all agreed.

“Diane, truth or dare?” harry asked me.

“Dare!!!” I said.

“I dare you to…. Hmm….. To…… run up to Louis and tell him to pull over and kiss him!” he said. I gasped.

“fine.” I said.

“LOUIS LOUIS!!” I said

“Yes darling” he answered.

“Pull over please!” I begged.

“Why?” he asked.

“PLEASE!” I yelled with puppy dog eyes.

“Fine” then he pulled over.

I kissed him smack on the lips.

“You bad little girl!” he said and tickled me. I ran towards the back of the van but harry held me down while Louis tickled me.

“Hahahahahahahahaah stoooppppp hahaha plleeeaassseee hahaha ohhh hahaha ahhhhhh ssssstttttoooppppp!!!!” I laughed. I started crying because I was laughing.

After we settled down Louis came up to me.

“You no kiss the carrot king!” he said.

I laughed and kissed his cheek.

“That’s better.” He said.

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