Highly Confidential

When jenny's mum gets a letter through the post, the families life takes a turn for the worst..


2. Time for a Spy

I was in my pyjamas now, sitting on my bed texting. My parents were downstairs talking in rushed, inaudible whispers. What on earth was this letter? I slipped of my bed and crept down the stairs. Now I could hear. 

"Your sister? Amy, how can a letter from your own sister upset you this much? Amy, talk to me!!" I could hear my mum sniffling. She had been crying.

"It's just...sniff, sniff... She... Things aren't normal between us.. Well... It's a long story... But... Well, she's a... She works as a-" 

I didn't get to hear the rest as my dad was staring straight at me, clearly outraged.

"Jenny, this is private business!! When will you learn to keep your nose out of stuff??!!!"

I shuffled uncomfortably. "Well... I thought it was about the whole family? Do I not get a chance to join in??" 

"No!! Just mind your own-"

"Leave her, honey. It's not her fault. Now, pop upstairs love??" My mum butted in. I nodded glumly.

Fat lot of use that was.


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