This city never sleeps...

Miranda, your talented 21 year old hasn't had the average life everyone believes they had. Forced to dance from a young age, so much money that she has no idea what to do with it, and barely any friends. Until she meets Harry...


2. Well deserved Indeed

Miranda smiled, ending another perfect show even with her stomach in knots.  She rolled her eyes, "All this over a drink," she huffed, running back to her dressing room.  Miranda stripped once more and headed into the small bathroom, grabbing a towel, a washcloth, and body wash.  She turned on the shower and hopped in, grabbing the face wash that was already in the shower and squeezed out a good amount and applied it to her face, feeling the makeup smear and wash off.  The heat eased her muscles that were sore from dancing and cleared her mind of the stress.  Miranda was a performer, long before she made it to Vegas.  Her mother made her join dance at the age of 4 and by the age of 10 she was already in ballet, jazz, tap and did gymnastics on the side. Ever since then her schedule constantly consisted of rehearsals, massage therapy, and long intensive showers. Miranda turned the water off and grabbed her towel, drying off and grabbing her outfit off the counter.  She wasn't a fan of dresses but for the sake of going out for once and with a man, she decided to wear one.  Her blue dress was casual yet flirty and her makeup was subtle, clear mascara and gold eye shadow.  She looked down at her phone and panicked, 11:50, "Shit" she hissed and grabbed her heels, slipping them on and running out the door, grabbing her purse before shutting the door.  Luckily the Hard Rock was only a short taxi cab ride away but the obstacle was the traffic, especially in Vegas during the summer.  She payed the driver and got out, fixing her dress and hair before walking in, "5 minutes late, now is that any way to treat the man that's buying you a drink?" spoke a deep, English voice from behind her.  She turned and smiled, "I'm sorry, the makeup was practically caked to my skin," Miranda explained.  Harry chuckled, and brushed his thumb across her chin, "I can tell, you still got a little right here," he smiled, wiping it off.  Miranda blushed, "Thank you.  So.... umm how about that drink?" she asked.  Harry took her hand and brought her to the bar, sitting down next to her and waiting for the bartender.  "Hi can I have a rum and coke and a..." he paused waiting for and answer from Miranda. "Oh um, a Campari mojito," she smiled, taking out her I.D. knowing that the bartender would card her, as usual.  "Yup! Thanks miss, and sir, may I see an I.D." he grinned, taking out two glasses.  Harry took out his I.D. and handed it to the bartender "So you're from the UK? And your 19? Sir I think you're a bit shy of the legal drinking age here in the US," he explained, handing back Harry's I.D.  Harry frowned, "Seriously?" he huffed under his breathe, putting his card back in his wallet.  The bartender sighed, "But I know my daughter is a huge fan of you and clearly if you can drink in the UK legally then why the hell can't you here.  Just don't tell anyone I'm doing this," the bartender winked.  "Thanks mate, how much are those drinks?" he asked taking out a 20 only to be turned away, "Don't worry about it, it's on me," the bartender smiled, "You got a pretty date, it's only fair," he chuckled, handing them both their drinks.  Harry grinned "Well here mate, 50 bucks tip," he smiled, handing him the 50. The bartender grinned and looked to Miranda, "You got a keeper Mrs," he smiled walking away to attend to the other customers.  "Well wasn't that nice?" Miranda giggled, taking a sip of her drink.  Harry nodded and took a sip of his drink as well, "Very.  So long have you been dancing for Cirque Du Soleil?" he asked.  Miranda finished her drink and shrugged, "A little over 2 years now? But I've been dancing for 17, 18 years now," she smiled.  Harry nodded, "That's cool.  You were great tonight by the way. It's a great show," he complimented, sipping his drink. Miranda smiled, "Thanks, that means a lot.  So um...this place is kinda boring...Do you like clubs?" she asked, hoping the answer was yes.  "Um yeah, why you got a better place in mind?" he chuckled, chugging down his drink quickly.  "Really dope club down the road, I have a friend that's the owner and bartender, so free drinks galore," she smiled, taking his hand and dragging him out into the street.  "I should warn you, I'm not the best dancer," Harry yelled towards her, following her as the weaved through the crowd, and into a dark blue building.

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