This city never sleeps...

Miranda, your talented 21 year old hasn't had the average life everyone believes they had. Forced to dance from a young age, so much money that she has no idea what to do with it, and barely any friends. Until she meets Harry...


4. Royalty

Harry smiled, taking Miranda's hand and gently brushed his thumb across her palm.  "So...lemme get this straight.  You have rehearsals for Cirque Du Soleil every Monday through Friday and then on the weekends you do pointe and interpretive?  Don't you ever get tired of it?" Harry asked, following her towards a large, glass building.  Miranda shrugged, "When you've been dancing all your life, you tend to not think of it as something that tires you but something that keeps you going.  Dance is my life," she grinned, opening the door to the building and pressing the button on the elevator.  The doors opened and the two walked in, pressing the button to the third floor.  "Would you ever just leave?  If you found something better?" Harry asked, looking to her with hopeful eyes.  Miranda bit her lip, thinking to herself before she answered, "The Royal Ballet Company," she smiled.  As the doors opened, Miranda let go of Harry's hand taking the bobby pins that were pinned to her bodysuit and started to fasten her hair up into an elegant bun.  "You can sit right here, against the wall and watch if you'd like," she offered, sitting on the floor and grabbing her pointe shoes out of her bag.  Harry watched as she started her routine, wrapping medical tape around her toes, adding soft padding to them and then slipping on the shoe delicately.  She tied them and stood up, taking off her sweats to reveal her long, lean, toned legs, covered in sheer, pink tights that matched her bodysuit nicely.

She bent down slightly and kissed Harry on the nose before gracefully making her way over with the rest of the class.  The whispers and glances towards Harry never ceased and occasionally a fit of giggles broke out.  "Girls.  This is a class, not a bar where you hook up with men!," screamed her teacher, glaring at Miranda. "If your guest cause anymore commotion, I will send him out, am I clear?" she asked, her thick french accent ringing in Miranda's ears.  Miranda nodded, hiding a small grin that had started to appear on her face.  Her teacher turned and continued to teach the class giving Miranda the perfect opportunity to turn to Harry and stick her tongue out at him playfully.  He returned the favor and leaned back against the wall, muffling a laugh behind his hand.  The class continued and Harry watched as Miranda twirled and leaped gracefully across the room, remaining on her toes and concentrated.  He took out his phone and texted Simon, his manager, "Hey dude..think you could do me a huge favor for someone?" he asked, sending the text and immediately getting one back minutes later.  "Is it a girl?" Simon asked, the slanty face giving a sure sign that Simon was not entertained.  "Yes, but she's a dancer and a damn good one, Her names Miranda Daae, beautiful woman Simon but talent that could knock others out of the park," he texted back.  His phone buzzed again and there Simon's reply appeared on his screen, "I'll see what I can do," he replied.  Harry relaxed, knowing that Simon had many connections with not only the musically inclined but many dance organizations as well. "Yoohoooo! Earth to Harry, Ya ready to go?" Miranda asked, kicking Harry's foot gently.  Harry opened his eyes and grinned, noticing that she was already in her uggs and sweat pants, with her hair slightly messy but still beautiful. "Oh yeah. Ready," he grinned, sitting up and grabbing her hand, kissing her cheek softly.  Other girls had glared, while others snapped photos of their small interaction, which would eventually make their way onto twitter.  Miranda blushed making her way out of the building and to a cab.  They both got in and relaxed, watching their hands and fingers fumble and brush against each others.  Miranda jumped as her cell phone screamed from her PINK duffle bag, getting louder as she started searching for it.  "Hello?" she answered, her hands still shaking. "Um yes this is she," smiled Miranda, looking to Harry with a shocked expression, "Yes! Yes of course! I would love to! Great! Thank you so much!" she grinned hanging up the phone.  "That was the head advisor of the Royal Ballet School.  They want me to come out and audition for a spot in London!" she squealed, wrapping her arms around Harry's neck.  "That's great Miranda! I'm so happy for you!" he chuckled, hugging her back, "When do you leave?" he asked.  Miranda smiled, tears forming in her eyes, "Tomorrow I guess! The earlier the better!"

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