This city never sleeps...

Miranda, your talented 21 year old hasn't had the average life everyone believes they had. Forced to dance from a young age, so much money that she has no idea what to do with it, and barely any friends. Until she meets Harry...


1. Miranda

Miranda brushed the eyeliner across her lid, letting the dark line create a wing near the corner of her eye.  She smiled to herself and continued to put the makeup on her face.  The white "pancake" that covered her face and the dark marks that enhanced her sheet bones and eye brows.  Miranda grabbed her costume off of the rack and stripped down into just her no show panties, practically naked in front of the mirror.  "Miranda?" called a voice from outside of her dressing room.  Quickly, she zipped up her costume and called back, "Yes?" she asked, catching her breathe.  "Are you decent?" the voice called again, "Yes John, I am" Miranda giggled turning around towards the door.  John's light blonde hair appeared through the small crack of the door, "Um I just wanted to introduce you to our special guests that will be in the audience for tonight's show," he smiled.  This always meant that someone famous was to watch Cirque Du Soliel tonight and they always got to go backstage before and after the show.  Miranda nodded and smiled, "Bring em' in" she grinned.  John opened the door more to reveal 5 other boys, their faces in awe as they witnessed Miranda in full costume and makeup.  "Wow she's beautiful," exclaimed one boy, his thick Irish accent like music to Miranda's ears.  It was rare for Miranda to meet or hear someone with any time of European accent, especially in Vegas.  "Miranda, these are the boys of One Direction. Boys, this is Miranda, our head dancer," he introduced.  Miranda held out her hand, waiting for one of the boys to shake it.  The Irish one took her hand first, "I'm Niall," he smiled, bowing slightly, "Nice to meet you Niall," Miranda nodded.  "Louis," smiled another, except this one had an English accent, unlike Niall's. She moved down the line to another boy, his genuine smile and blue eyes grasping her attention, "I'm Liam," he grinned.  Miranda shook his hand as well and blushed, her brain racing with thoughts of how gorgeous all these boys were. "I'm Zayn," introduced another, taking Miranda's hand firmly and shaking it, his olive skin covered in noticeable tattoos.  " your tattoos," Miranda giggled, pulling up his sleeve and looking at all of the artwork that was scattered around his skin. "If you love that then you're definitely going to love these," smiled the curly, brown haired man, who was now taking off his jacket and revealing his sleeveless arms.  The scattered drawings and words were placed at random around his arms but beautiful, nonetheless.  "Wow...I love these ones," Miranda smiled, pulling down the neck of his muscle tee and pointing at the two sparrows that were tatted on his chest.  The boy winked, "Thank you.  I'm Harry by the way," he smiled, taking his hand and grabbing hers gently, kissing the top of her hand.  Miranda blushed, "Nice to meet you Harry," she giggled, trying her hardest to show how much of the small kiss had an impact on her.  The lights flickered slightly, meaning 5 minutes until showtime for the performers and moments away from the crowd entering the theater.  "Well boys, it's just about time for Miranda to get to stage," John smiled, starting to usher out the boys.  Harry squeezed through John, smiling to himself as if he accomplished so much, "It was nice to meet you Miranda, hopefully I'll see you after the show?" he nodded, handing her a piece of paper and running back to his group.  Miranda blushed and closed her dressing room door before opening the note and reading the very rushed handwriting of Harry Styles.  "Can't wait to see you blow me away, meet me at the Hard Rock for a couple of well deserved drinks at midnight- Harry"

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