This city never sleeps...

Miranda, your talented 21 year old hasn't had the average life everyone believes they had. Forced to dance from a young age, so much money that she has no idea what to do with it, and barely any friends. Until she meets Harry...


3. A Bit Fuzzy

Maranda rolled over, her head pounding and spinning and sensitive to the bright light that shown through the hotel window.  "Wait....hotel?" Maranda thought, her brain trying to recollect the memories of last nights escapades. She looked over, feeling a presence on the other side of the bed and noticed a mass of curls on the pillow next to her.  Maranda sat up and let her feet hit the carpet and quietly walked around the room, collecting her clothes.  "Trying to make a quick getaway?" spoke Harry, sitting up in his bed and crossing his arms, pouting playfully.  Maranda blushed and turned around, covering herself modestly, "Sort of," she whispered softly.  "Why?" Harry asked, his expression changing from a smug smile to a small frown, rubbing the back of his neck.  "I'm not sure....Felt that I had too.  Didn't think you were the cuddling type," she joked, dropping her clothes and returning back to the bed.  Harry smiled to himself and wrapped his arms around her small waist and pulled the blankets back up and over them.  Maranda sighed, breathing his scent in slowly as the memories flooded back to her.  She remembered the scent of Harry as they both danced, their hips grinding together and their hands snaking around each other.  As time went on and the more drinks they consumed, the more they became closer, giving each other small love bites and sharing kisses.  Maranda looked up and noticed the small hickey on his neck, just between his collarbone, "I'm sorry" she giggled, rubbing her thumb across the small mark.  Harry shrugged, "I don't mind, tells others that I'm off the market," he joked, looking down at her and giving her a small kiss on the lips.  Maranda kissed him back, tugging gently on the small curls that brushed the back of his neck, allowing his tongue to softly brush her bottom lip.  He pulled away slowly and chuckled, kissing her forehead and laying back down on the pillow, "What are we doing today?" he asked, resting his hands behind his head.  Maranda looked at the clock that sat on the table next to them and groaned, "I have another show to do in a few hours meaning I have to be back at the venue in an hour to start stretching and getting dressed," she pouted.  Harry grinned smugly and rolled over, climbing on top of her and pulling the blankets over his head, covering the both of them, "An hour sounds perfect to me!," he smiled, kissing her lips once more.

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