Summer's here

A story of two hearts. A story about how one cannot tell one's heart what to feel, or who to feel for. A love story between two people that cannot be together, but are not able to renounce each other. Summer's here, and their lives will change forever.


4. The Park.

Andrea bolted for the door the minute Summer called her. The last week had been a living hell for her. The sweetness of the kiss haunted her every minute of every day, even in her sleep. She had had nightmares, about being rejected. Nightmares that Summer wouldn’t feel the same. And they always ended with her crying in a corner. Her head hurt constantly, her mind did not seem to be able to concentrate on anything other than her. It was Summer, over and over again. The name echoed around her head, bounced off the sides of her skull, rolled on her tongue. She saw her everywhere she looked.

Andrea was starting to worry for her own mental sanity, when Summer called. The relief she felt when she saw the caller ID on the screen of her phone was only equal to the relief she had felt when, while kissing Summer, the tension in her chest had finally faded away. Summer had called.

On her way to the Park, Andrea thought about how to handle the situation. She was unsure of what to do. Her mind had never really looked beyond Summer calling her, and now she had about ten minutes to decide for a course of action.

One thing was certain: Summer was not just a simple fling. There was no explaining what happened to Andrea every time she thought of that dark haired girl. Her insides turned cold, the hot, then cold again in an infinite dance. Andrea had been bewitched by Summer, there was no other possible explanation.

The only downside was that Summer was – there was no point avoiding the topic any longer – a girl. Summer was a girl, which really complicated things. Andrea fidgeted with the gear, and finally got the gear right. She was so confused, there was nothing that had consoled her. Books seemed cold and drab, music just made everything worse. Summer was a girl, like Andrea. Which would have made them..

The small gate in the wall stood in front of her a lot quicker than she had expected.

When she entered the Park, she realized why Summer had been immediately enchanted by it. The whole place looked like a picture taken in a long lost valley somewhere in South America. The flowers grew everywhere, the ground like a canvas for a painter. The walls that surrounded the whole area were covered with green ivy that grew from the ground till the very edges of the wall. The oak tree in the centre stood magnificent, powerful and towering over everything else. It seemed as though everything was gaining its life from it, everything was somehow turned or connected with the tree. And under it, was Summer.

Andrea walked over to her softly, trying not to upset the flowers and trying to step on the shoe prints that were clearly marked in the flattened grass, so not to damage the nature any further. Summer simply looked at her, her grey eyes hiding her insecurity as well as curtains hide little kids playing hide and seek.

When she reached Summer, Andrea dropped down on the ground and laid down next to her. Summer’s hand reached over and grabbed Andrea’s, before quickly letting it go. Andrea smiled.

“I love this place. Now I get why you wanted to keep it a secret.” She said softly, and could almost hear Summer smile.

“It’s my safe heaven. Nobody has ever been here, nobody even knows it exists.” She whispered.

They laid down next to each other, each silent and at loss for words. Andrea stared at the canopy of leaves and wished Summer would speak. She was dying to know what was going on in that pretty head of hers.

“I am glad you came Andrea”

“I am glad I came too Summer.” She smiled encouragingly at her.

Summer took a deep breath and got up, leaving Andrea flabbergasted.

“I wish what happened in the pool never happened Andrea. Now everything is just so complicated.” Summer sounded on the verge of tears.

Andrea’s heart did a backflip.

“You wish it never happened? – she whispered – But you kissed me back Summer.”

Summer took a step forward, creating an even bigger gap between her and Andrea.

Andrea got up and went to stand in front of her, which only caused Summer to turn the other way, keeping her eyes glued to the ground. Andrea focused on the back of her head, her eyes burning on her skull. Turn around, she willed.

“Summer, what are you saying?” she asked shakily.

Summer’s shoulders stiffened.

“I am saying that I wish it never happened.” Her tone hardened, and Andrea’s heart crumbled a little bit lower into her stomach.

“No you don’t.” she said.

“Yes I do” replied Summer.

Andrea had had enough. She was not stupid. She had been there, while they were kissing, and she had felt Summer’s lips replying to the movements of her own. She had not thought about anything else for the past week.

“If you wish it never happened, the turn around and tell me to my face Summer. I was there in that pool with you! I know what happened”

Summer did not turn, but she suppressed a whimper, Andrea noticed.

“If you wish it never happened, turn around and tell me you feel nothing at all Summer! Do it right now!” Andrea had not meant to sound so angry, but she could not help it. Summer was pushing her away, and she was not going to let her.

Summer made no motion of turning, gave no hint of any reaction. She just stood there, her whole body too white against the colourful background, her black hair the same colour as the bark of the tree’s trunk. Andrea found her beautiful even though her heart was being broken.

“Summer…” the lament that left Andrea’s lips seemed to shake Summer awake. The pain that escaped her mouth, the sorrow at the thought of losing the one person that made her forget about all her problems awoke Summer.

“Summer please…” Andrea pleaded.

And Summer turned. She turned, took a step forward and pressed her lips against Andrea’s. Andrea reacted without even thinking, and latched her hand behind Summer’s neck, as a preventive measure. She was not running anywhere this time. The kiss lingered, their breathing becoming too fast for them to handle. Finally, they parted, and Summer rested her forehead on Andrea’s.

“I care.” She said. Those two words were enough to send Andrea’s whole body into frenzy of emotions.

“I know” she said, before leaning in to kiss Summer one more time.

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