Summer's here

A story of two hearts. A story about how one cannot tell one's heart what to feel, or who to feel for. A love story between two people that cannot be together, but are not able to renounce each other. Summer's here, and their lives will change forever.


2. Love doesn't take anyone's oders.

Andrea stared at her book, having completely lost interest in it. She looked up at Summer, and saw her concentrated on her book. Andrea noticed for the first time that Summer had a tiny mole on the side of her neck, just below her jaw line. Andrea wondered what would happen if she touched it.

She shook her head sharply. What the hell is wrong with me? She thought angrily.

She tried to concentrate on Anna Karenina, but in vain. Her mind kept going back to the first time she had seen Summer. She had just arrived at the new house that her father had bought. It was far from their usual summer spot. To justify the move, her father told her that he thought that maybe being away from there her mother would get better. The whole placed screamed Kyle, he said. And he was right.

Andrea had been convinced she would never be happy in a place like that, and had set herself for a long and boring summer, before she met Summer.

She was in the local library. After spending about half an hour scanning through the titles, her frustration had reached breaking point, and she had almost tripped over Summer on her way out.

After excusing herself, she had been caught in Summer’s grey eyes, and something moved her to tell her why she was frustrated. Summer had smiled and nodded.

“I hear you. If you want to find a place where to find decent books, I know a perfect place for you.”

They had driven together to the house of an old man, who used to be a professor. His whole house was filled with books, and he had read them all. Summer had proceeded to tell her the whole story of the man’s life.

“You spent a lot of time there?” Andrea had asked, amusement in her blue eyes.

Summer had blushed.

“He is a good man. And more importantly, he lets me borrow his books!” she had smiled.

Andrea had been amazed by that smile. They had spent the rest of their afternoon, and the next three days, rummaging through the old professor’s books, reading them in the dusty living room of his house. Their shared love for books had brought them together. And they had become inseparable.

Andrea snapped back to the present, and realized she had been staring at Summer’s neck for over five minutes. Summer looked at her, an awkward smile on her face.

“What, do I have something on my neck?” she asked with a worried tone.

Andrea shook her head, and smiled reassuringly.

“Then what is it Andrea?” asked Summer.

“You have a tiny mole on your neck, I just realized.” Andrea pointed at it.

Summer smiled.

“I have had that since I was born, it’s a birth mark.” She shot Andrea a peculiar look, which gave Andrea the shivers.

Anna Karenina was not so interesting anymore.

“Let’s go to the pool!” Andrea almost screamed it out. The tension has built up to breaking point, she needed an out.

Summer looked at her, shocked.

“I don’t have a bathing suit.”

“It’s okay, you can borrow one of mine!” Andrea felt the excitement begin to build up in her bones. She shot to her wardrobe, threw the doors open and begun searching. When she found what she was looking for. She turned around, holding a red bikini in front of her.

“Here, wear this!” she smiled cheekily.

Summer stared open mouthed at the bikini. Then she seemed to realize she had no choice, so she got up and snatched it from her friend’s hands. Andrea watched her walk into the bathroom and close the door.

Just as Andrea was beginning to turn back to her wardrobe, she realized that the door was not closed properly. She caught a flash of Summer taking off her shirt. Her stomach did a double twist, and her check burned red. Shivers ran down her spine, and she felt her legs quiver.

She quickly turned back to face her wardrobe, and blindly picked out a bikini for herself. She quickly took off her clothes, and threw on the bikini. Just as she was trying, unsuccessfully, to tie the top part behind her back, Summer’s fingers grabbed the strings.

“Let me, you are almost pathetic at this.” She said softly.

She tied the strings together quickly, and probably did not realize the effect her touch had on Andrea’s insides. They turned and twisted every time Summer’s fingers touched her back.

“Alright! Let’s do this Andrea!” Summer smiled at her, and then bolted towards the door. Andrea was left alone in her room, trying to get a hold of herself.

She ran after her, down the stairs, through the living room, out the door and in the garden. Summer was already in the water, swimming happily from side to side.

Andrea took a run up, and jumped in the pool, crash landing in the water a few centimeters away from Summer’s head.

When she emerged, she was met with a powerful jet of water straight in the face.

“Oh yeah?” she screamed, splashing water in Summer’s direction.

She heard distant laughter, and realized Summer was not where she had assumed she was.

Andrea spun around and was met with yet another blinding spray of water. She roared, cleared her eyes and set off swimming after Summer, who was fleeing the scene of the crime. She cornered her on the opposite side of the pool. Water flew between them, sprays went down their throats and into their eyes, but Andrea advanced till she and Summer were inches away from each other. Andrea placed an arm on either side of Summer’s body, blocking her from running away.

Summer stopped trying to spray her blind, and looked at her. The tension between them rose to unbearable levels, Andrea was about to snap. And then Summer immersed herself and sneaked under Andrea’s arms, swimming off to the other side of the pool.

Andrea breathed in the warm summer air, and sighed.

What is happening?

She turned towards her friend, and watched as her body moved across the pool, her arms propelling her forward, the waters parting in front of her body. Andrea realized Summer was beautiful, and the realization scared her. But then the thought hit her. Was there something wrong with it?

Andrea pulled herself out of the pool and ran to the other side, waiting for Summer to reach the edge. Just as Summer was about to finish the lap, Andrea slowly lowered herself in the water. Summer’s arm hit her chest, and she grabbed it. Andrea pulled Summer close to her.

Summer’s eyes crossed hers, and Andrea knew there was no turning back.

Without thinking about her decision any longer, she kissed Summer.

Summer’s lips were frozen against hers. Andrea suddenly thought that maybe Summer didn’t feel the same, but just as she begun to feel mortified, Summer kissed her back.

A few seconds later however, Summer flung herself off the edge of the pool, climbed out faster than ever and ran inside the house. Andrea stood alone in the pool, still feelings Summer’s lips on hers.


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