Summer's here

A story of two hearts. A story about how one cannot tell one's heart what to feel, or who to feel for. A love story between two people that cannot be together, but are not able to renounce each other. Summer's here, and their lives will change forever.


3. Decisions about love are the toughest to make.

Summer spent the next week in her room. She finished Maya Angelou’s novel, and begun a second one. She could not remember anything from either book, though. She stopped going to the professor’s house, stopped going out to the park. Her phone remained switched off for most of the week, except for sporadic moments when she switched it on and listened to the messages on her machine.

There was only one from Andrea.

“Call me when you are ready Summer” she had said in the machine.

When I am ready? Ready for what?

Summer’s mind had been a complete chaos for the three hours that followed that moment in the pool. Every time she remembered it, her heart started to race and her throat became suddenly very dry. That feeling was immediately followed by the prickling of tears behind her eyes. Her mother had ignored her for the first few days, assuming she was dealing with the usual teenage crisis. But when she hadn’t come out of her room except for feeding time for four days straight, she had come knocking.

“Summer?” her voice muffled by the thick door had awoken Summer from one of her trances.

“Yeah?” she said after opening the door.

“Summer, what happened?” Her mother’s face was full of worry for her only child.

“Nothing. I found this really good book, and I can’t stop reading it. “

“You are a bad liar you know that?”

“I am not lying mum.” Summer was beginning to lose confidence.

“Come on love, tell me what happened”

Summer sighed, and she surprised herself by hugging her mother really hard.

“Mum, there is this person. I think I like this person, but I am not sure – she paused, looking for the words to describe the impossible feelings she had for Andrea – I am not sure that I can make it work” she whispered finally.

Her mother smiled down on her, relief showing clearly in her dark features. Summer’s dark hair and grey eyes all came from her, along with the incredibly light skin.

“Honey, if you really like this person, then you can make it work. There is no reason why it shouldn’t.” She hugged Summer hard, and Summer felt only slightly better.

Once her mother left, Summer packed a bag and went for a walk in the Park. The Park had been her hiding place since she had been a little girl. She had found it the first summer that her parents had brought her there. She had been walking along, on her way to the beach, when she had seen the small gate. After pausing to ponder, she had decided to see what was on the other side, and had been mesmerized by the beauty of the Park. It had not seen the face of a gardener in a long time, she assumed, but it only added to the wild beauty that fascinated her so much. It had been her reading spot before she met Andrea.

She lied down on the beach towel she had brought with her, under the great oak tree around which the whole Park grew and flourished. She lied down and closed her eyes.

“I am so screwed” she said aloud.

Summer opened her eyes and looked up at the canopy of the tree, through which the light filtered and lingered. The shade under the tree’s leafy cover was a rare cool spot in a town that burnt and sweated under the summer sun. Summer’s thought process kicked in, and she realized she could  not put it off much longer.

I kissed a girl.

Yes, you did. Was it weird?

Not really, it was just intense. And it made my spine prickle.

She had read in the published journals of a writer whose name she was forgetting that by having a fake conversation with your own subconscious, your brain came to decisions and realization faster.

More importantly, did you like it?

I don’t know if you could say I liked it. It was nice, that’s for sure.

If it was nice it means you liked it.

Does it?

I think it does.

“I am so screwed.” She repeated.

The smell of the summer flowers enveloped her in its lazy sent, and she fell asleep under the canopy. Her dreams were crowded with Andrea’s face, all the hints she had decided to ignore and finally the moment when the tension had ripped her heart apart.

She woke up sweating profusely and with the urge to see her.

Her phone had been switched off for more than twenty four hours, she realized. The moment it beeped on, messages and missed calls appeared on the screen. One was from Andrea.

“Summer, please call me. We need to talk about this, you can’t ignore me forever.”

Summer sighed, and dialed her number.

Without even saying hello Andrea asked:

“Where are you?”

Summer told her, and hung up. Andrea would find it, they had talked about this place. Summer had never been sure whether she could share it with Andrea, but what the hell did she have to lose now? The more time passed, the more she regretted calling Andrea. What was she going to say to her? What was she going to do? Would there be more kissing?

Summer’s mind reached breaking point, and she forced herself to calm down. The chaos in her head resembled the multitude of flowers in the Park. Incredibly confusing, yet somehow organized. She knew what she had to do, she just didn’t know if it was the right thing.

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