I didn't know- A story on bullying

This story isn't based on me or anything, it's to raise awareness of bullying.
But remember, this does happen to people around the world who don't deserve it.
more chapters coming soon, and please comment if you have any suggestions for this story.
thank you


1. It all started here

First day of school:

I didn't know whether to be excited or nervous.

I was moving from England to a new school in Switzerland, and didn't know what to expect.

Who would be my friend or enemy here, and what is everyone like? 

I found out when I walked into the room.

It was noisy in the classroom, and nobody except the teacher noticed me. I slowly walked up to the desk and saw the children 

in front plain with paper models and throwing them around. 

"EVERYONE BE QUIET PLEASE" The teacher shouted. She walked to the whiteboard and wrote my name on it.

"I would like to tell you all that we have a new student joining us from today!"

She pointed the pen at me, and the whole class were staring. some whispers went around and some cold stares, which made me feel really uncomfortable.

"Her name is Elizabeth, and she is from England" She smiled and then made the class introduce themselves to me. Afterwards, she told a blonde girl nearby to take me around to lessons.

"You are all dismissed, now get out of the room and take care"



The girls shoved me through the door and all ignored me and started talking about boys and things.

I followed them, listening to their conversations.

" I can't believe that Luke is younger than me, he's 11 and I'm almost 13, and this relationship isn't working!" The blonde girl said. I thought what they were saying was stupid. 

In history, (our first lesson) I took a desk near the girl. She looked at me then shuffled a different way. She sat next to her friends and started writing notes and whispering. 

I felt nervous still and curious. The teacher did what the other teachers did and made the class more bored.

When it was break time, I followed the girls to where they where going. Then i felt a hard shove and fell to the ground, banging my head hard. 

Everything went blurry and the my sight of everyone went...

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