This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


6. 6

We arrived at the studio where we all piled out and walked into the studio. It was so cool. We got to watch the boys sing. They hit the high notes so well. I felt like fainting. After a while Harry waved for me to come in.

I walked over and opened the door.

"Yes" I said popping my head in.

I noticed that Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn stepped back. Harry was still waving for me to come over. I sighed and did what he wanted me to. 

"Put these on" Harry instructed handing me the head-phones. "Have you even record before?" Harry continued.

I was a little shocked.

"Um... Sort of my Uncle owns this record studio" I said placing the head phones on.

"Good then you know how to sing in the mic" Harry smiled.

I smiled then something clicked, "Wait am I singing with you?" I asked.

I saw Harry put the headphones back on.

"What song shall we sing?" Harry asked smirking.

I had to think. After a while of thinking a song popped into my head.

"Lego house by Ed Sheeran?" I asked.

"Good choice" Harry said.

I smiled. This song gave me a lot of memories in my head of my family and friends.... Especially Amy since she was the closet.

"Here we go" Harry said.

The music started. I looked out the window and saw the boys hand their hands around the girls waist. (The ones they were going out with). I took a massive breath.


I sang:

I'm gonna pick up the pieces,
And build a Lego house
If things go wrong we can knock it down

My three words have two meanings,
There's one thing on my mind
It's all for you

And it's dark in a cold December, but I've got you to keep me warm
If you're broken I will mend you and I'll keep you sheltered from the storm that's raging on now


Harry stepped forward.


We sang:

I'm out of touch, I'm out of love
I'll pick you up when you're getting down
And out of all these things I've done I think I love you better now
I'm out of sight, I'm out of mind
I'll do it all for you in time
And out of all these things I've done I think I love you better now

I'm gonna paint you by numbers
And colour you in
If things go right we can frame it and put you on a wall

And it's so hard to say it but I've been here before
Now I'll surrender up my heart
And swap it for yours

I'm out of touch, I'm out of love
I'll pick you up when you're getting down
And out of all these things I've done I think I love you better now
I'm out of sight, I'm out of mind
I'll do it all for you in time
And out of all these things I've done I think I love you better now


We stopped there. Harry looked at me.

"That was great" Harry said.

I smiled. We took the headphones off. We were about to kiss when everyone banged on the glass. We rolled our eyes. We put the headphones onto their holders and walked out.




We were in the limousine again on our way to Harry and Louis' apartment. 

"Should we get pizza? I am starving" Lisa asked.

"Yes I say we should" Niall said nodding like a lost puppy.

"Okay I will call them" Liam said dialing the number.

When he got off the phone. "What did they say?" Niall asked.

"That the pizza will take 60 minutes" Liam laughed.

"WHAT" Niall yelled.

"I'm kidding Niall" Liam laughed.

"You guys were amazing" Amy said randomly.

She was referring to Harry and I. 

"Why thank you" I said blushing a little.

I looked down at Harry who was already grinning.

"We should do that more often" Harry winked. 

I looked away quickly and blushed.




We were in Louis and Harry's apartment. Having a little party with the pizza. We had the CD blasting songs playing the lasted songs. The boys were dancing along. I laughed really loud when Louis did his 'Screw the light blob and past the dog' and 'Stop the traffic let them through.'

But not as much as Amy who was on the floor rolling and laughing her head off. But I died when Harry did the 'Whipper Snipper ' Well not really died. He was so cute when he does that. Lisa and Niall were laughing and hanging around the pizza scraps.




We decided to watch movies. We started off with 'Love Actually.' Then we watched some more movies.

Zayn went home to get some sleep. Jessica went back to the hotel room with Liam. (As they were tired... I hope). Which left the rest off us watching the movies. Lisa and Niall were on the floor snuggled in a blanket, leaning against the couch as Louis sat on and Amy laying in his lap. 

Harry and I sat on the other couch. We were touching but not like the others. I wish we were though. 




After a while Lisa and Niall left and went home. Amy and Louis were asleep on the couch. I was tired. I looked up at Harry who was still hooked onto the movie. I was really tried and unconsciously moved my head onto Harry's shoulder and fell asleep.


Harry's POV

Samantha shifted and slowly rested her head on my shoulder. We were watching a movie with Amy and Louis. I felt really tried. I slowly turned my head to look at the gorgeous girl sleeping on my shoulder. I hear someone chuckle. I looked over and saw Louis.

Louis gave me the 'Get some' look. He has a dirty mind. I shook my head. But I have to say I wish Samantha and I are going out. I looked at Louis who picked up Amy and carried her into his room and gently closed the door.

Well I was tried and I wasn't just going to sit here. There was a perfect bed in my room. Then I smiled. That means Samantha and I can sleep together. Yes. I slowly shifted and pick Samantha up. Like Louis did with Amy. I turned the TV off and walked into my room where I slowly placed Samantha onto the bed.

I took my shirt off and slowly climbed into the bed and pulled Samantha up against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and enjoying the moment.

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