This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


5. 5

I reached my hotel room and closed the curtains. No one was home yet so I had the room pretty much to myself. 

Yes I was still a bit loopy. But I thin all my girls are officially dating. Louis and Amy are defiantly going out. Liam and Jessica were pretty close. Lisa and Niall were perfect. But Harry and I are just friends...

My phone buzzed. I looked. 1 unread message. I read it.


I'm really missing you! xx Harry


Okay scratch that last comment.




Next day....

I woke up in a bed piled of blankets. It must have been really cold night. I rolled over to find Amy snuggled against me. She must have been really cold too.

I stood up and found Lisa sleeping in the bedroom next to mine and Jessica was sleeping on the couch. When I got to my phone. I saw 3 unread message. I grabbed it.



Hey sweetheart, how did the gig go? xx mum



Hey mum, it went really really well and guess who I bumped into? 1D! xx Samantha



Where are you? Ar you at Harry's still? Jessica :P


I laughed. She must have sent that late last night. And finally I got to the last message.



Hey Samantha, we're heading down to the studio and we were wondering if you girls might want to record with us? :) xx Harry.


OMG! Record with the boys. Another dream come true.


"Girls! Time to get up" I screamed. 

I put on some clothes while I dialed Harry.


"Hello?" The familiar voice said.

"Hi Harry it's Samantha" I said.

"Hey Samantha how are you?" Harry asked.

I could hear people talking in the background

"Yeah I'm good! I just got your text..." I said but got cut off when.

"The boys and I will be at your hotel in five minutes" Harry said knowing what I was going to say.

"What??? Five minutes?" I looked at the time. 1:05pm.

Hold shit.

"Sorry I have to go. See you soon though. bye" Harry said.

"See ya" I said.


Harry ended the call. I moved the phone away.

"GIRLS GET UP NOW" I shoulder.

The girls were still in bed.

"Why?" Amy moaned.


"What? What studio?" The girls asked.

"The boys are picked us up in five minutes to go to their studio" I squealed.




Five minutes passed and I could see Harry from our window. A black limousine pulled up out the front of the grand hotel. I squealed in excitement.

We are actually going to RECORD. Woohoo. The girls and I were all ready and prettied up when i heard a know on the door.

When I opened the door. I saw Harry who smiled instantly when he saw me.

"You look beautiful" Harry said as he looked at the dress I wore.

It was blue with black lace. I also wore balck high heels

"Thanks" I said.

"Hey Harry" Amy and Jessica called from the couch running over to the door.

"Hey girls" Harry said and smiled at them.

Lisa eventually made her way to the door and we all left. Which gave Harry enough time to check out how messy our room was.

"And I thought my apartment was messy" Harry chuckled and looked down at me.

Why am I still blushing? There is nothing between us. And yet every time we talk or he smiles at me I get butterflies in my stomach?

When we reached the black limousine all the boys smiled at us. 

We all got into the limousine. Yes I sat on Harry's lap again. Why me? Everyone else is dating but us. From the corner of my eye I saw Louis wink at Harry. Who chuckled softly. Okay... Was this set up? Did they plan this? So Harry and I could be together?

"Thank you so much for letting us record with you" Jessica said.

"It's our pleasure" Liam said kissing her cheek.

Whoa did I just witness my sister get kissed? 

"So where is the studio?" I asked looking at Harry.

Harry smiled, "About another fifteen minutes away."

Oh God I am going to sit onto 15 minutes later. Two minutes later the limousine went over a bump. I fell of Harry and nearly landed on Zayn. When I felt a pair of strong arms. It was Harry. He pulled me back onto his lap.

Now my heart was pumping.

"You okay?" Harry asked.

"Yeah I'm find it was only a bump" I said pretending like nothing happened.

I looked over at Zayn who looked scared for a second then went back to texting. For the rest of the car tip it was quiet. Niall and Louis would break it if they started laughing and that was it.

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