This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


4. 4

Harry's POV

I'll wait here" I said winking at her.

She began blushing and quickly turned around and dragged her friend off the stage with her. I hope she doesn't take too long. 

"Hey Hazza" Niall said walking up to me. "Do you know where the lead guitarist is?" He asked and then looked beside me and saw her.

"Oh hi" Niall said a little embarrassed.

"Hi" she said back.

I thought it was funny. So I left them and joined Zayn at the side of the stage where Louis was too. Louis gave me a look.

"Harry... You naughty boy" Louis laughed.

"What did I do?" I asked.

"Don't you mean, what didn't I do?" Zayn laughed.

"You kissed her" Louis said smiling.

"Yeah, I kissed her on the cheek, why? You weren't too far from actually kissing the drummer" I said defending myself.

"Her name is Amy" Louis said correcting me.

"And it's east to tell when you like a girl" Louis said.

Zayn nodded in agreement. I rolled my eyes.

I looked over to where the girls bathroom was and saw Samantha and her friend Amy walk back out. Louis, Zayn and I looked over and smiled at them again. They blushed furiously. God Samantha is so adorable when she blushes.

Niall, Liam and the other girls joined us as Samantha and Amy made their way back. I couldn't help smiling at Samantha. She smiled back at me... Which made me smile wider.

"The barman said he'll store our equipment to pic up tomorrow" Samantha's sister said. 

She linked her arm with Liam's. I looked back at Samantha and she nodded.

"Lets go" Liam said.


Samantha's POV

Harry and I followed the boys and girls out the pub. We divided off into two's so nobody would notice One Direction. Harry was holding my hand tightly as we made our way out the pub and into their black limousine. It was really squishy, so we had to squeeze in beside each-other. 

I was sitting pretty much on Harry's lap. Mainly because he pulled me. I was also sitting next to Niall who sat beside Lisa then Liam and Jessica who where holding hands. Aww. Then Amy and Louis all in a big circle.

"Hi" I said to Niall.

It was so quiet in the limousine.

"Hey" He said smiling.

I felt Harry's hand tighten around my waist. I looked down at him and smile. I hope I wasn't heavy. Wait I should be think. 'OMFG I am sitting on Harry's Styles lap. Or He smiled at me?' But I seriously can't believe I'm sitting on Harry's lap. What was weird it didn't feel weird.

When I say weird I mean the fact that I'm sitting on a famous persons lap, who has their arms wrapped around my waist. Niall and Lisa were talking while Jessica and Liam listened to them. Louis had his arm around Amy. They were quietly laughing. Harry and I just sat here. 

The limousine pulled behind a block and we all got out. Liam helped Jessica and I out of the limousine and made our way to Nandos.

"Uh guys won't people notice us if we are all going in a once?" Lisa said looking around.

Although Nandos wasn't the crowed people would definitely reconigse these 5 boys.

"Good point. How about Samantha and Harry go in first" Zayn said.

"Fine by me" Harry said linking his arm around mine.

We just walked normally into Nandos. I turned back around to see Jessica giving me the thumbs up. Harry led me to a table of six and pulled the chair out for me.

"What a gentlemen" I joked and sat down.

Harry sat opposite of me, and we were joined by Niall and Lisa. When everyone eventually made their way to the table we have to put three more chairs around the table. We order our meals and drinks. And I have to say Niall ordered the most out of all of us.

"Soo... Where are you guys from?" Harry asked.

"We are from Australia" I said smiling.

"Wow, how long have you been here?" Liam asked.

"Umm, to be honest we actually arrived here this morning" I laughed.

The reason I though it was funny was because we'd only been here for less than a day and we're already out got dinner with One Direction.

"Really" Liam said shocked.

"Yeah" Jessica said.

"Well how are you liking London so far?" Zayn asked.

Us girls looked at each other.

"We are loving it" We said together.




Liam, Zayn, Jessica and Lisa started their own conversation while Harry, Louis, Amy and I had our own. Niall joined in when he wanted to.

We all exchanged numbers. I laughed when I saw Harry had changed my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts to Samantha Styles.

When all our meals and drinks arrived. We finished them in about 5 minutes. We were all a bit loopy. Yes I know Lisa, Amy and I are eighteen but we only had little sips from the boys drinks.

Zayn had left early to catch a taxi to see his girlfriend at his place. Liam and Jessica left to go for a walk down the street. Louis took Amy for a stroll down the beach that was close by. Which left Harry and I with Niall and Lisa.

"Would you like to come to my apartment and watch some movies?" Harry asked smiling widely.

"Sure" I said.

I stood up and almost fell over.

"Hey Lisa I'm going to Harry's apartment but I will see you later" I said tapping Lisa's shoulder.

"Awesome" She said.

Niall bursted out laughed which made Lisa laugh. Harry held his arm out. I took it as we caught a taxi.

"Oh no" Harry said.

"What?" I asked a little scared.

"My apartment is really messy" Harry said looking at me.

I was happy again. I thought he was going to say 'I already have a girlfriend.' Wait who would he even say that? Why am I even thinking it? We aren't going out or anything. If anything we were really close friends.... Nothing more.... Nothing Less....




Harry and I were having an awesome time. Harry put on Titanic one of my favourite movies. I couldn't help but cry.

"Harry... Are you crying?" I giggled when he turned his face to reveal tear streaks stained on his face.

"Yes this movie gets me every time" He said.

Harry wiped his tears off. I handed him a tissue I found lying on the ground. He was right his apartment was messy.

"Oh shoot! It's really late" I said jumping up.

"What?" Harry asked looking at me sadly.

"I have to go but I'll text you" I said as Harry closely followed at my heel.

"Where are you staying?" He asked me.

"To be honest we are just done the road" I said.

"Well text me when you reach your hotel" Harry said as the Taxi I called earlier arrived.

"Okay see ya Haz" I yelled.

"Wait you forgot something" Harry said running up to me.

"Yeah what did I forget?" I asked.

Harry bent down and kissed me on the cheek. And I turned really red. Harry pulled back and smiled at me. He shut the taxi door. The taxi drove off. Harry was still waving.

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