This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


3. 3

Harry's POV

Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis and I were in our black limousine on our way to Nandos of course.

"I'm starving" Niall said.

He was looking out the window to see if we were there yet.

"Don't worry, Niall we'll be there soon" Louis said patting Niall on the shoulder.

"Can any of you guys here that?" Zayn asked looking around to where a familiar noise was and where it was coming from.

"Nope" I said and looked over at Louis.

"I can hear something too" Louis sat up straight.

He began to search as well. I sighed. It was so hot and stuffy in the limousine so I pulled the window down and heard it.


You're insecure, 

Don't know what for,

You're Turning heads when you walk though the do-o-or...


"That's our song!" Louis yelled in delight.

Liam smiled as he came up with something. I knew his face.

"Can you stop here?" Liam asked the driver.

"Why? I want Nandos" Niall whined like a 5 year old.

I rolled my eyes.

"We'll get it later" I said and stuck my head out of the window.

I wanted to get a better look for the person who was singing in the pub. Niall looked happier and also looked out the window.

It wasn't just a singer it was a band. 4 girls were up on stage, one was singing the verse, the other was clapping along with it and harmonizing it. One playing the guitar and the other was playing the drums.

"Damn they are good" Liam said in admiration.

All of the boys hand the look on their faces. LOVE. But Zayn already had a girlfriend so he wasn't too admired. 

But what really caught my attention was the girl in the black and white dress who began singing the bridge when the other girl finished the verses. She was really really pretty and hit the notes perfectly. And as she got to the chorus it felt like someone had punched me in the guy. She was so beautiful. I looked around at the boys and they were staring at the girls like I had.

"She plays guitar really well" Niall smiled.

He was nodding to the girl in the green and white dress.

"And the drummer is really good at.... drumming" Louis said in admiration.

"And the one in the blue dress is a good singer" Liam said.

"And the lead singer is so beautiful" I said as I hopped out of the limousine.

The boys and I snuck into the pub without anybody noticing us five.


Amy's POV

Okay I hope I wasn't the only one who just saw 1D in the crowd? When we reached the chorus to 'What Makes You Beautiful' I think I saw them sneak into the pub But who knows I could be seeing thinks...

"Awesome job girls" I cheered when we finished the song .

Lisa swung the guitar over hear head and placed it gently in her guitar case and hopped off the stage. Samantha high-fived Jessica and they both jumped off the stage to get some drinks. I was really thirsty so I bent down to put my drum stick down next to my stood. I was sitting on it when I felt someone tap my shoulder. 

I looked up and oh man is this really true? Am I actually staring into the eyes of Louis Tomlinson? 

I closed my eyes and pinched myself and yet he was still there smiling at me.

"You were incredible" He smiled at me.

I didn't know what to say.

"Uh... Thank you" I said nervousness in my voice.

"I'm Louis but I;m sure you already know that" Louis said.

"Uh-huh" I said nodded like a lost puppy.

I looked over to where Samantha was and she too just bumped into Harry Styles...


Samantha's POV

Jessica and I went off the stage to get some drinks. We left Amy on the stage. But I'm sure she'll be okay.

"Hey, Samantha can you please order me a lemon squash? I need to talk to Lisa" Jessica said.

And before I could answer back she was gone. Of course.

I went over to the bar and asked him for two lemon squashes. I looked around to see where Jessica and Lisa were when the barman tapped me on the shoulder.

I looked over and found two drinks on the bar. As I went thought my purse to find coins, someone came up to the bar.

"Here you can" A boy said he had a husky voice.

The boy passed over some coins and handed me the drinks.

"Uh. Thank but you did need to do that..." I said looking up and stopped.

Okay so I think you guys know what happened. HARRY STYLES PAID FOR MY DRINKS!

"Hello" Harry said smiling at me.

Even with my high-heels on I was still short.

"Oh My Goodness! Hi" I squeaked.

OMG. Why did I just squeak? Harry laughed and put his arm around my shoulder, leading me out of the crowded bar. He had his arm around me... Dream come true.

He stopped beside the stage and leaded against the wall looking at me.

"What's your name love?" Harry asked.

"Samantha" I said smiling.

My hands freezing with the drinks. Harry grabbed the and placed it onto the stage for me. Harry looked at me.

"What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" He said smiling.

"Thanks" I giggled.

I wasn't sure what else to say. What would have you said?

"When we heard you guys perform..." Harry said.

OMG he heard us they his song.

"We thought you guys were incredible" Harry smiled.

Even he looked a bit nervous. Why? He's a pop-star!

"Why thank you" I giggled.

I looked around and onto the stage and saw Amy sitting on her drum-stool, leaning over the drums where Louis stood directly in front of her, talking. Aw, how cute? 

On the stage Jessica stood froze while Liam was actually talking to her. But I wondered where.

"Hey Samantha" Lisa came running up to me.

She stood beside Harry and didn't even notice him. I tought it was funny actually 

"Can we get something to eat? I'm starving" Lisa asked.

"You sound a little bit lie Niall" Harry laughed.

Lisa turned to see Harry. You should had seen her face!

"Oh my, I'm sorry to interrupt" Lisa said,

"No no that's fine. Actually I was wondering if you girls would like to come to Nandos with us?" Harry asked smiling at me.

How could I refuse?

"Yeah! Hang on, I just have to do something first..." I said but got interrupted when Harry kissed my cheek.

"I'll wait here" He said winking at me.

I turned bright red. I turned on my heel and went up on the stage to Amy.

"Hey Amy can you come with me?" And without a reply I dragged her off the stood and down the stage.

"Hey careful you almost killed me" Amy shouted.

But stopped when she heard a faint chuckle for Louis.

"Now that was embarrassing" Amy stuttered.

"Well not as half embarrassing when Harry kissed me on the cheek" I said as we walked into the girls bathroom.

"What?" Amy shouted in shock.

"Yes and I turned really red" I said looking in the mirror.

I was still as little bit red, but not as it was before.

"And they've invited us to Nandos with them" I said watching Amy's reaction in the mirror.

"OMG" She said walking in and out of the cubicle again. 

This girl is crazy.

"Okay, okay" She said after she calmed down a bit.

We both walked out of the bathroom and saw Jessica talking to Liam up on the stage, packing things up and Lisa was talking to Niall. So cute. Both Amy and I died when we saw Harry, Louis and Zayn looking at us and smiling.

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