This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


25. 25

Here it is guys. Hope you are happy. The one chapter you have all be waiting for. Yes its early in a relationship. But hey who cares. I wouldn't. So here you go. The proposal. Thank you. More chapters to come by the way.










Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like
We can go out any day any night
Baby I'll take you there take you there
Baby I'll take you there, there


I had no idea what was going on


Oh tell me tell me tell me how to turn your love on
You can get get anything that you want
Baby just shout it out shout it out
Baby just shout it out

And if you
You want me to
Lets make a move, yeah

So tell me girl if every time we


All the boys joined in and started to sing the chorus. I didn't know what to do. I just stood there on stage. Not sure what to do. Harry came up to me and started to slow dance with me.

I still didn't get it.

When the song finished. Harry got down on his knee. "And Let me kiss you" he had his hand out while he sang that last line. I noticed a little box in his hand.

And what he asked me next took me by surprise.

"Samantha will you marry me?"


Harry's POV

Samantha, Lisa, Amy and Jessica and their mum walked into the room where the boys and I were. I stood straight up when I saw Samantha.

She was looking at me funny and it made me feel nervous. What if her mum told her everything? That I was going to propose to her. Amy jumped onto Louis and oh how I wish that was Samantha and I. Instead I wrapped my arms around her waist and smirked. "Hey"

Samantha laughed.

It was time for the boys and I to head onto the stage. I called out to Samantha. "I love you."

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