This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


24. 24

"Hey guys" Amy shouted and jumped onto Louis. Who wrapped his arms around her. I wish that was Harry and I.


"Hey beautiful" Harry smirked and sneaked his arms around my waist and pecked my lips. Okay now I feel a bit better.


"You look beautiful" Harry said lost for words. "You look handsome" I cheekily grinned back. harry smiled. It was more of a sad smile though.


"Alright time to head on stage" The producer came in hurrying the boys onto stage. "I love you" Harry called as he got dragged out of the room.


Jessica, Amy, Lisa, Mum and I made our way to the back of the stage to watch them. Basically we could see the boys perform and the crowd. But the crowd can't see us.


Man there was a LOT of fans. They all screamed when the boys went up on the stage.


They started singing their songs. I danced along with them. They had sung. 'I Would', 'Little Things' 'Live While Were You' and they had just finished. 'Change my mind.' Harry turned around to look at me. He pressed his lips onto the microphone, "I'd like to ask something to my beautiful girlfriend."


Liam walked off the stage and grabbed the arm. "What? What's going on?" I was so confused. When he dragged me onto the stage. The crowd went crazy. 


Harry looked at me and smiled nervously.


I knew what was going on... He was going o break up with me in front of everyone. How could he? Who dumps their girlfriend in front of a whole lot of people? With cameras everywhere? In front of a concert crowd?


A tear streamed down my face but thank god it didn't ruin my make-up. Thank god Harry didn't see.















Sorry its short. But neck chapter is when he asks. OMFG you freaking out. I am sort of. Yay. Would you love that to happen to you. To be asked in front of a thousands fan. i mean I would. I would do anything to be where Samantha is. Who wouldn't. But I would also be shit scared.

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