This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


22. 22

"Hey, how did it go?" Mum asked as we arrived home. "Yeah it was good" Lisa mumbled being exhausted.

"Did you get ambushed by fans?" Mum asked.

"Nope! Louis thought of the idea of wearing fake mustaches and beards" Amy laughed. "It was a good idea wasn't it?" Louis punched her cheek. Aww.

"I'm off to bed" I said dragging my legs up the stairs. Harry followed closely and got changed. Separate rooms. He then jumped into bed with me.

Harry he;d me close, as I laid my head on his bare chest falling asleep to him humming 'Isn't she lovely' softly to me. I don't want this to end. But it might have to end.


Harry's POV

I hummed 'Isn't She Lovely' softly to Samantha as she fell asleep. She was so adorable.

I think she might suspect something. On the ride up it was a bit awkward after me, the boys and girls had a little chat. About us.

I really hope she didn't suspect anything, otherwise that was just going to ruin it when I ask her...

She could take it the wrong way... But I hoped she didn't. I was praying she didn't. I really love her and I had to do this. I had to ask if she would marry me.

But when the time was right.

On the last night of our Take Me Home tour. I'll ask her. Yes. But I;m going to have to ask her parents first so they can help me with this process. I wasn't good at these things.


Samantha's POV

I woke up the next morning from Louis' screaming. Yes he screamed like a girl. I couldn't be bothered moving so I just laid there on top of Harry.

I couldn't feel my arms.

"What's wrong?" I heard Amy ask Louis.

"HARRY! YOUR CHEATING ON ME" Louis screamed. I started laughing. Oh so he only just figured that out now. Hahaha.

Then I realised the position that I was in probably looked wrong. I couldn't feel my arms because i was laying right on top of Harry. My arms wrapped around him.

"Oh Lou" i heard Harry chuckle. He didn't move. I could only move my arms if he moved just a little bit. "I am guessing that you like this position?" I laughed. "Ohhh Yeah!"

"Seriously Harry I can't feel my arms"

Harry rolled over so I could move. "Thanks"

The rest of the morning we spend helping the boys with their tour.

They were performing tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, then the day after that. Only three concerts. I was going to their last concert which was in three days. Three days till the boys were leaving.

That sudden moment of realization almost made me cry. Harry was leaving me. Maybe that was why he had to end this...







Just letting you know guys. Harry is going to propose soon. What will she say? But just remember it is the only way Harry and Samantha can be together. So what will she say? Keep that in mind and keep reading.

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