This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


21. 21

I woke up the night morning with the sun soaring through my eyes. I was still in Harry's lap and he was still asleep holding me tightly. He was just to cute to wake up.

But I had to...

"HEY" I yelled. Harry jumped along with Amy and Louise. "Ahh" Harry groaned and then smiled widely. "Hey beautiful" He gave me an Eskimo kiss but wouldn't let me free.

"Trapped huh?" He smirked. "Yes Harry! Please let me go"

"Never" He started tickling me while I was trapped. Worst experience ever. "Harry" I managed to chock out from between laughter.

"Yes love?" He looked at me cheekily. "I. Don't. Like. Being. Tickled" I managed to breathe out. Harry grinned and tickled me even more.

"Have I ever told you that you have a gorgeous laugh?" Harry smiled, then Loosened his grip. Yes! An escape.

I quickly jumped out of his arms and poked my tongue out at him. "Catch me if you can" I ran off squealing down the stairs. I ran into the study where Niall and Lisa were sleeping. I woke them up. Oops. I hid under the blankets in between them.

"Samantha what are you" "Shush" I interrupted Lisa and stayed still. I heard the door slowly slide open.

"Have you seen Samantha" I heard Harry ask. I could just imagine the look he had on. "Yea" I lightly kick Niall on the foot and he quickly changed his sentence. "Um, no. No we haven't."

I heard the door slowly close again and I popped my head out. "Lucky you, if you had of told him where I was I would have probably accidently kicked your privet area" I winked at Niall and then jumped out.

Niall started laughing along with Lisa. When I was about to open the door again. Harry appeared smirking.

"There you are" He snatched me up and ran out of the study and into the kitchen where he cornered me. "No escape now is there?"

"Nope" I grinned back. Harry pinned me to the wall and planted his lips onto mine. I giggled as he got a bit passionate. "Harry" I could manage before he kissed me again.

"Erm excuse me, guys! this is kitchen" Mum walked in. How awkward.

"Sorry" I muttered embarrassed. "Its' fine sweetie. Would you guys like some toast?"




When we finished breakfast. I was so funny because I tried to make Niall eat Vegemite  We all got ready. I sat on the couch. While Harry went up stairs to talk to the lads and Amy, Lisa and Jessica.

I wondered what they were talking about...




They came back downstairs after a while and asked me to join them shopping.

"Yeah sure" I said  as we went out to door and got into Mum's van. Louis was driving. Harry sat up the front beside him. It seemed a bit awkward.

Even Jessica, Amy and Lisa were acting a little weird. "Okay guys what is going on?" I eventually said. I wanted to know.

"Nothing's going on Sam" Liam defended. Okay. Now I am suspicious.

"You okay babe?" Harry asked turning to look at me. "Yep fine" I looking out the window. Something wasn't right. Ever since they went upstairs and told me to stay downstairs they had been acting weird. I was so confused.




We were on our way back from shopping. I had brought tons! Harry brought quite a few things. So did the others. But there was some sort of competition between Louis and I. To see who brought the most. Yeah he won by far. Well he has the money as well.

Harry was sitting next to me. All snuggled up.

"I love you" He whispered in my ear. I nodded. "Love you too"

Harry was playing with my long way brown hair, hugging me at the same time. I was happy. Very happy. This was the moment.

But I hand't forgotten about the awkward ride up to the shopping center  I was still debating what might be the situation while I was shopping. I've finally come up with something.

I think that Harry is going to break-up with me. :(

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