This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


20. 20

Chapter is a filler again. Sorry guys I want you to have a good story. So please no hate. I just want to make this story good. Thank you for reading though. Love ya XX







We were on our way back from the pub. We had an amazing time.


***While in the pub***


Dad and Harry are now good mates which is good. Louis seemed to enjoy playing pool. It had been Niall, Lisa, Harry and I against Louis, Amy, Liam and Jessica.

Zayn was cheering on the side with dad and in the end. Louis, Amy, Liam and Jessica had won. Sadly. "Babe don't worry we'l get them back" Harry winked and pulled me in for a kiss. In front of my dad.

"Well" Dad said awkwardly as we pulled back after a while. I blushed madly. Harry gently stroked my cheek with his freezing cold hand from holding his drink.




So now were back at home, settling into where we set up the beds. "Okay now I am scared to fall asleep in case Zayn comes" I said cuddling close to Harry. I heard someone laugh from downstairs. Yep. It was Zayn.

"I'll protect you" Harry said in an encouraged super-hero voice, making me huddle into a ball as he wrapped his arms around me tightly and pulled me onto his lap. Cradling me.

"Harry let me go" I giggled. Harry gripped tighter. 'No! The scary monster downstairs might get you" Harry cried and rested his head onto mine.

I laughed and looked up. We kissed for a bit till we were interrupted by Louis coughing.

We watched some movies before settling down and falling to sleep. I was cradled in Harry's arms as he was supposedly protecting me from the scary 'Zayn' monster downstairs.

But Harry seems to more loving recently. Like he was scared that something might break us up. Like we might get separated by the end of the tour.

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