This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


2. 2

We've finally arrived in London. Yay. The most wonderful place in the world. Everywhere we looked it was just so beautiful. 


When Jessica, Amy, Lisa and I got off our plane we called mum and told her we had a safe flight. We didn't even have to wait for a taxi and the people here are just lovely. They helped us put our thongs into the taxi. Our taxi driver is taking us for a little drive. Or should I say sightseeing.


Because there were for of us Lisa and I in one taxi and Jessica and Amy in the other one. Whenever I turned to look out the back of the taxi. I'd see Amy with her head smudged against the window.


Lisa and I couldn't stop squealing whenever we saw some tourist actractions and cute boys. Yes we're weird like that. Who isn't weird? But why can't Australia have cute boys like London? After a while of chucked out some amazing places, we finally stopped out the front of our hotel. Wow. I already loved it. 




The girls and I were in our rooms. We got room 204 on floor 7. We got there and we all squealed. Yes we had a moment there. Who doesn't?


Jessica and I ran straight into the hotel room screaming while Amy stood frozen at the door. Lisa was slowly taking in her surroundings. Jessica and I went against the window and looked out. Taking in all the wonderful attractions. It was just... Amazing.


"One Direction aren't to far from here" Amy said coming up to the window.


I looked over at her. She had one of those faces I knew pretty well. She was thinking about Louis Tomlinson, who is apparently her "Husband". Well, she can just keep dreaming... I know I am.


"Guys I just got a text" Lisa said. 


She walked up to us.


"We've got a gig tonight already, so we have to head down there now and set up" Lisa said.


OMG I'm soo excited. we get to perform in London. Amy and I had an excited moment while Lisa was trying to hurry us. But who knew, that maybe tonight, I might meet the love of my life?




Okay so we've set up our band at a nice pub down the road and connected all the cables and wires where they should be. 


The drums were set up in the middle of the stage at the back. Two microphones were set up in the front placed on either side of the drums and Lisa's amp and her guitar were off to the left side.


We will be starting soon. Yay. We got back to the hotel where we started to get ready.


"Guys, what should I wear?" Jessica asked as she picked a blue, strapless dress and help it up, twirling around with it.


"That looks good. It matches your hair" Amy said as she walked out of the bathroom wearing yellow jeans with a black and white superman top, her dark brown hair in long curls. It made her streaks sound out more. Lisa's brunette hair was straightened and twirled to the side.


"You look good, Amy" I said, trying to get my dress on.


"Shush! Not as good as you three. Not to mention that I can't wear a dress while I play drums" Amy giggled as she helped zip up my dress


My dress was white up the top and had a little bow, then a black skirt at the bottom with a brown belt in the middle. Oh and don't forget the high-heels.


"Okay I am ready" Lisa said coming out of the bedroom wearing a green dress. That had white lace over the top. She was also wearing white ballet flats. Her light brown hair tied up in a losse bun.


"Let's go" I said.


We locked our hotel. It was already messy. We then took a taxi to the pub. People were already cueing up to see us. Now I was really nervous. What if they think we are bad? Before we started I went through the set-list just to make sure we have everything.



Tonight Tonight- Hot Chelle Rae

Halfway There- Big Time Rush

Wide Awake- Katy Perry

Jet-lag- Simple Plan

Skinny Love- Birdy

We Are Young- Fun

What Makes You Beautiful- One Direction


I was really nervous about singing 'What Makes You Beautiful", because I'm sure there will be Directioner's in the crowd somewhere.


"Okay let's start" Amy said and held the drum sticks high in the air. 


Amy counted us into the song. "1, 2, 3, go."


It's been a really really messed up week,


The crowd went crazy as I sung the verses, then Jessica singing 'La La La' And the Chorus.


So far, I think they lie us! They sung along with all our songs. We even had a chat to the crowd between the songs and added a few extra as the crowd asked for them.


As we got to the last song. The crowd went ballistic when Lisa start the guitar beat to 'What Makes You Beautiful." And As I got up to the bridge. I swear I though I saw a black limousine pulled up outside with a head sticking out the window...


Harry Styles head...

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