This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


18. 18

This chapter is only a filler. So please no Hate. I hope you like this chapter.






We were back in the car with both of my brothers. Along with my sister. Nate sat in the front with mum. Zayn, Harry and I were in the middle. Anna and Ry were at the very back.

Anna was still shocked by not as much as before.

"So let me get this straight" Ry began. We all turned and face him. Well mum wasn't since she was driving. "One Direction are staying at our place?" 

"For the seventh thousandth time, yes" I laughed. Ry still didn't didn't get over the face that the boys were with us. "But I still don't get how you managed to meet them..."  

I laughed. hat can be a mystery the kids can find out themselves. And even as I started to think. Ry reminds me kind of like Louis. Ry would defiantly love him! And I think Nate would get on pretty well with Niall.... Maybe... Nate's the type of person who likes to talk and trust me Nate would get a good kick out of Niall's accent.

"RY GET OFF" Anna shouted from the back seat. Ry tried to put something in her head. She stopped shouting as Zayn turned. Anna blushed just like me.

"Your sister is so cute" Zayn whispered as her turned around leaning across Harry so he could talk to me. I laughed. "Trust me, when she opens up you won't be able to shut her up"

I looked over at Harry who was looking at me. I felt myself fall into his gorgeous light eyes. We almost kissed.

Until Nate screamed. "LAURA HAS A BOYFRIEND"

Harry burst out laughed as I turned slightly pick. "Nate" I muttered. "It is true?" Nate asked, not transiting we were actually going out. well he couldn't get it by the kiss. Then he realised.

"What? Why did I find out?" He cried.

He turned and met eyes with Harry. "If you ever hurt my sister or do anything to her. I will be coming after you' Nate said looking at Harry in eve.

I could tell Harry was feeling pretty freaked out and laughed. "Don't worry about Nate he does it to all my friends including Lisa and Amy" I laughed. Nate smiled.

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