This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


17. 17

Harry had just met my mother and now I am giving him the tour of my house. Mum was still outside talking with the boys and girls.

"I love your house" Harry said as I was bout to show him my room. When I stopped. Crap, One thing I forgot to do. Or even ask mum.

"Babe are you okay?" Harry asked concerned. "Well last time I was in my bedroom was three months ago and I didn't meet you guys and I was sort of a fan girl." I opened my bedroom door to reveal the room covered in posters. Yep 'One Direction'. Some of 'The Collective'. 'Ed Sheeran'. But there was mostly Harry Styles.

Harry laughed. "You stalker" He joked and picked me up spinning me around.  I started to giggle. I like being spun around and he knows that. "Harry stop I can't breath" I laughed as he put me on the ground and started to tickle me. And yes I am very ticklish.

"Your adorable you know that" He smirked pinching my cheek. I felt my face burn as I blushed. 

"Have I ever told you that your cute when you blush" Harry stroked my cheek. I blushed even more. He laughed. "Hey lets go get your bags and find which room your sleeping in..." I said. You see I already had it planned where everyone was going to sleep.

I thought that Charlotte and Liam could have this room to themselves. If I dragged the mattress into the 'Chilling out room' lets just say its a room where the girls and I hang out. Anyway I thought me, Harry, Amy and Louis could sleep and if Zayn slept in the living room while Niall and Lisa in the study room.

Hopefully everything works out.

"Samantha the kids finish school in half an hour. I haven't told them about the guests you brought home with you" Mum smiled helping us unpack. I love my mum.

Oh my god. I just had the perfect idea in the world.

"Can Zayn and I come?" I asked instantly. Zayn turned around as he heard. "What?"

Mum laughed. "Yes, only because I would love to see the look on Anna's face"

Anna was my little sister who went to the Primary School 'Black wood Primary' which wasn't too far from here. My other two younger brothers Nate and Ry go to school with her. Nate and Ry are twins they also share a room with Anna. And I have to say they get along petty well.

"I'm coming too" Harry said feeling left out.

"Of course you are harry" I laughed and jumped on top of him, wrapping my legs around his torso and arms around his neck as I crash my lips onto his.

Harry smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist. I thought I could hear Niall vomit and began laughing. Which did not in fact break the kiss.

I heard a snapshot, I broke the kiss and looked at mum Yep. Exactly what I thougt. Mum had taken a photo with her phone. "First time my daughter has ever been kissed" Mum cheered. Yes I have never had a boyfriend. I didn't want to be hurt.

Everyone start to laugh. "Um, Samantha I don't get it?" Harry said our foreheads still touching.

"Harry your my first kiss" I said. Before planting my lips onto his. "I'm glad it was me" He smirked which made me smile even more.

"Come on love birds time to pick up the kids" Mum said sliding the silver van door open. I broke apart from the kiss and jumped off Harry. We all made our way into the car.

Mum drove the car and Zayn, Harry and I sat in the middle of the car while the other stayed home, settling in. Zayn had wiped off all the drawings that was on his face. He had prettied himself up again if he wanted to meet the most prettiest and cutest girl ever.

Harry started searching for his phone. Once he found it. He started tweeting. I think. I don't like looking on other peoples phones without permission. I think it is wrong.

Soon I felt my phone buzz as I got a notification from Twitter.


Harry Styles: My beautiful girlfriend sleeping in the car and on the plane. @Samantha-hart how adorable?


Yes I changed my last name back to Hart. I looked and there was a photo of me sleeping. My hair everywhere.

Harry laughed as he saw I was checking twitter. I have him the death stare. "Harry I am so gonna kill you" I joked and mock punched his shoulder.

"Oh really?" He smirked.

"Guys please don't do anything that'll make me vomit" Zayn said as Harry was about to kiss me. I laughed.

"Okay guys we have arrived at the school" Mum said as we pulled into the school car park. Parents were already waiting around the playgrounds. I remember times here. School would finish in about fifteen minutes, Which gave us sometime to pick up the kids early.

"Okay I am going to get Anna, Ry and Nate" I said as I stepped out of the car. "Come on Zayn, Harry" I said ushering them out of the car. They followed me to Anna's classroom. Anna and I are really close. Have been ever since she was 1. Well born but you know what I mean.

"Okay guys wait here" I said as I knocked and opened the door asking for Anna.

I waited for Anna to collect her books and school bag. Once done. She ran and hugged me. I smiled. I shut the classroom door. "Hey Anne I've got a friend with me that I think you will love" I said smirking.

"Who?" her eyes lit up. We walked out of the room hall way and faced Harry and Zayn. They smiled and Anna froze.

"Hi Anna" Zayn smiled waving. Anna was frozen in shock. I think she even started hyperventilating. Anna is 9. Nate and Ry are 10.

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