This is Like A Dream Come True

Who Would have though just an ordinary girl who travelled to London with her friends and sister, would meet Harry Styles and most importantly kissed him?


15. 15

Okay so personally. I blame Louis for all of this. I was now drunk. Lets just say completely out of my mind! Seriously! At one point of the plane ride I forgot we were on a plane and freaked out when Turbulence came.


I also blame Harry for being the cheeky man he is. He kept topping up my glass and of course I drank it. I said so. I said I knew something bad was going to happy. Ahh.


Amy had fallen asleep with Zayn, Liam, Charlotte, so only me, Harry, Louis, Lisa and Niall were still partying. Well sort of. 


"Harry, where are my bags?" I asked him. Being so confused and drunk. I was also sitting on his lap with my head resting on the crook of his neck.


"Sweetie they are under the plane. Why?" He answered calmly  "They can't be under the plane Harry they will go missing" I said. Harry chuckled. "What?" I cried.


Man I regret the champagne now. I was really loopy. "Please Harry I need a pen..."


"Why" Harry laughed as he pulled on out of his pocket and handed it to me. I grinned widely. "I feel like doing a bit of drawing" I got up from Harry and walked across the plane. Slowly so I would fall and got to where Louise was sitting next to Zayn. He knew what I was going to do.


"You are under arrest for attempting to draw on an innocent persons face" He joked. I looked at Louis. "Ha. Ha."


I was expecting Louis to drag me back to Harry but instead he grabbed the pen and helped draw on Zayn's face. Harry was watching and smiling in amusement. Sooner or later we were going to get it. Zayn would go ballistic if he found out.


In a matter of minutes. Louis and I finished our master piece. I had drawn 'Loser' on his face along with 'I love Samantha' on his neck and 'VAS HAPPENIN' on either sides of his cheeks.


Louis drew a mustache  a curly line beside Zayn's eyes (to make it look like eyeliner) I have to say it looked pretty good. Louis also wrote 'Tomlinson' on his chin. We high fived each other and I went back to my seat.


"Thank you" I gave Harry his pen back. "You do realise I am apart of this now and this is my pen" Harry chuckled and pulled me onto his lap.


He started singing to me softly and soon I fell asleep with the tune Lego House- Ed Sheeran stuck in my head.




I woke up later on and the plane landed. Finally. It wasn't the best transport I have ever had. Especially since i had to spend it with a sore head. "Thanks Louis for the headache"


"No problem" He smirked.


"Are you okay love?" Harry asked looking at me concerned. "Yeah, I'm fine babe."


"We've landed in Sydney" Harry grinned widely. "I'll be able to meet your parents!"


"Oh on" I joked.


"I'm sure they'll be fine love" Harry whispered. Yeah but Harry you don't know they my younger sister is also a massive directioner. She loves Zayn. My mum had grown up to love Harry as I used to never shut up about him. My brothers thought they were alright.


"I'm sure Zayn will love my sister" I said sarcastically. They only know I have another sister and two younger brothers. I looked over at Zayn. Oh god.


Did I do that? Did I just ruin Zayn's perfect face with Harry's pen? He was awake but clueless of the drawings on his face that Louis and I had done.


Harry tried to hold the laughter in but he could. Harry burst out laughing and so did the others.


"What's funny?" Zayn looking around horrified and scared. "Oh night Zayn just a bit of jet lag" Louis laughed.


Harry was dying of laughter again. "Okay so I do get a mention in this" He tried to calm himself down. I wanted to laugh but I still had my annoying headache.


The jet than stopped since it was a long runway. All of us stood up to exit the plane. I was standing at the end of the line with Harry. Liam was first and so on. 


As the exit door opened. All we could hear were screams. Um...


"Guys" Liam said to look at us. "We've been flooded by fans!" 


I stood up on my tippy toes. What I was short. I tried to look out the door. Whoa man. There were heaps of paparazzi. The police were already there trying to hold back the fans and pap. But it didn't seem to work. 


Harry wrapped his arms around my waist protectively and he slowly made his way to the door. As Harry took one step off the plane. The fans went crazy. I forgot home many fans Harry had here.

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